Instructor Ground School – Starting January 21, 2018

As a Certified Flight Instructor,  you will be responsible for helping people to realize their dream of flight!  The rewards are countless. It is a wonderful way to build time and experience that will serve you both personally and professionally in all of your future endeavours.

The flight instructors involved in teaching the program are excellent teachers with years of experience and they look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

Cost: $1,800 per person

Class 1 Instructor: Joe Thompson


Instructor Rating 2017: Sharper Edge

Flight Instructor Guide

Flight Training Manual

Flight Test Guides Private and Commercial

Pilot Training Record

AIM, VNC and VTA Charts POH (Cessna 172), Aircraft model (indestructible)

Personal Flash Drive (Stick) for Power Point Presentations


Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday beginning January 21, 2018 in the Commercial Classroom

Total Hours: 90 hrs

Format: Instructional Lecture, Video, Peer evaluations in Individual style presentations

Power Point Presentations


To give all class members the required knowledge in all aspects of the Flight

Instructor Rating and the experience of presenting and critiquing PGI’s (Preparatory Ground

Instruction) plus pre and post flight debriefing. In addition each student upon passing a

Brampton Flight Center qualifying exam, a written letter of admission to attempt the Transport

Canada Flight Instructor Class IV exam (AIRAF). (Based on acquiring at least 15 hours of flight

instruction and all of the ground school requirements)

Course Outline: These subjects will be addressed and presented in a classroom atmosphere,

(the order of presentation may be subject to change)

Air Law and Rating Requirements

Human Factors and the Learning Process

7 Factors of Learning

Lesson Plans: PGI (Preparatory Ground Instruction) and Ground school

Grading (Marking Scale for Flight Tests)

Handling Questions and Answers

Aerodynamics, Aircraft Performance

Teaching Instrument Flying (Private, Night, Commercial, IFR)

Teaching Multi Engine

Navigation Cross country Private and Commercial

General Knowledge

Flight School Administration (Student PTR’s), IATPL Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence),

SMS (Safety Management Systems)

PGI Presentations (3‐4 presentations in an evening with critique)

Preparing for the Flight Test

Supervision as a Class IV Instructor

Posted on December 7, 2017