Empowering More Women to Fly Event was a great success!

This years Empowering More Women to Fly event was the most successful that Brampton has had so far, sending up over 230 women on free flights!

For a non-profit organization that relies heavily on its volunteers and employees to make events like this happen, all of us at the Brampton Flight Centre are very proud of our community!

Thank you to our incredible speakers from the Air Cadets, Jazz, Air Canada and Bombardier as they inspired and educated attendees about the possibilities that are available in the aviation industry. We also appreciate all of those that attended and showed their keenness with great questions.

Our main objective for the event was to inspire as many as we could to fly. The aviation industry is a very exciting field to get into as it has many benefits. However with this being said, only 5-6% of pilots are female. For this reason alone, we are hoping that an event like this will help to see more women in the skies!

We all really hope those of you who made it to the event enjoyed the airport activities and had a magical flight experience. We appreciate everyone’s patience while waiting to go flying as we had a flurry of activity trying to get as many females up into the air as possible. We are continually looking at expanding and growing our event so please feel free to send any comments, suggestions, questions or inquires related to this past event by emailing [email protected].

Thank you to all who participated in making the event amazing and we look forward to continuing the annual event for years to come!

Here is a link to the photos that were taken that day by Gus and Clara, thank you both for your amazing photos!

Posted on May 17, 2019