Post COVID-19 Re-Opening Policies and Procedures

The following are the policies and procedures that we will be following after we re-open for business:

Protective Measures:

  • Plexiglas shields are being installed at Dispatch, Pilot Shop, Restaurant and Parts to help separate customers from staff where 6 ft / 2 m spacing is not possible.
  • Sanitizers will be made available in all areas of the building.
  • Sharing of items such as pens, paper, books, headsets etc is not permitted.
  • The number of computer terminals in the lobby will be reduced in order to maintain safe physical distancing.
  • Regular disinfecting of communal devices (phones/tablet/computers in the lobby, pay terminals etc) will be carried out and disinfectant will be available for cleaning communal equipment between uses.
  • Markings will be placed on the floor in the lobby to ensure physical distancing from the dispatcher / DM and customers.
  • Access to the Clubhouse lobby, Pilot Shop and Restaurant will be restricted to maintain physical distancing. A BFC employee will be stationed at the main entrance to the Clubhouse to control access.  Only those customers with an imminent aircraft booking, simulator booking, ground school class or scheduled meeting/exam will be allowed entrance into the clubhouse lobby.  The entrance to the lobby will be locked after 1900 and access will be controlled by the Dispatcher on duty.
  • Access to the Clubhouse (non-airside) will be through a single point (main entrance) to control the numbers in the Clubhouse (incl. Pilot Shop and Restaurant)
  • Loitering in the Clubhouse, and especially the lobby, will not be permitted. With the limited space in the lobby for customers to physically distance, we need to keep the lobby reserved for people who are immediately dispatching a flight or paying for a flight just completed.  Please come in, do your flight or ground school and leave.
  • Any person who has
    1. a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or any other symptoms of COVID-19 or
    2. been in contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case in the last 14 days or
    3. a sick household member or
    4. travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

will be denied entry into the Clubhouse.  People denied entry will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days, or 3 days beyond symptom clearance, whichever is longer.

  • In the event that an individual who has been at BFC is identified with a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19, we will take steps to minimize the possibility of further infection. This will include at least the following:
    1. Exclusion of affected individual from our facilities.
    2. Notification of people who have been in close contact with the affected individual within the past two days. These people will also be excluded from company facilities.
    3. Temporary closure of our facility until enhanced cleaning and disinfecting has been carried out of the affected individual’s workstation and belongings, all high-touch objects and likely sources of contamination in the facility.

Flight Ops:

  • The number of aircraft available for bookings will be reduced to TBD aircraft to help keep the number of people in the Clubhouse to a safe number (the number of aircraft available will be actively monitored and adjusted as required).
  • Bookings will be staggered to reduce the number of people congregating in the lobby. We may need to shift booking times slightly in order to increase the stagger.  Customers will be informed if we have had to shift their booking.
  • The number of bookings that pilots and renters can make has been reduced to 15 in a 30 day period with a maximum of 1 booking per day. Future bookings are reduced to a 30 day window.  These changes have been made to allow more opportunity for all who wish to fly with us.  As per normal operations, instructors and our scheduler will still be able to make longer and additional bookings to accommodate specific student and renter needs.
  • The minimum time between aircraft and simulator bookings has been increased to allow for cleaning / disinfecting between flights.
  • No sightseeing flights until further notice (intro flights will be allowed).
  • High touch areas of aircraft and simulators, including seats, seatbelts, flight controls, engine controls, avionics controls, door handles (inside and out), side windows and window latches will be cleaned and disinfected at the start of the day and after each flight. A card will be placed in each airplane to show if the airplane has been cleaned and is cleared for the next flight.
  • Because we are unable to ensure physical distancing during flight training, instructors and students will be required to wear masks for all dual flights in aircraft and the simulators. Students will be expected to provide their own masks.  We intend to have a limited supply of disposable masks available for purchase at a nominal cost but if none are available and a student does not have a mask, his/her flight will be cancelled.
  • Electronic signatures will be used in FleetCaptain to reduce the amount of paper touched during the dispatch process.
  • Only the DM and one dispatcher will be at the front desk each shift.
  • Ground school class sizes will be limited to ensure physical distancing in the lecture hall and commercial classroom can be maintained and all extra chairs will be removed.
  • Flight Ops hours will initially be from 0700 – 2200, 7 days a week, with the plan to extend the closing to 2345 as requirements necessitate and restrictions are relaxed.

Maintenance / Parts:

  • Access to the maintenance hangars will be restricted to staff only.
  • Parts will be available for pickup in the Hangar 1 lobby
  • Maintenance and Parts hours will be 0800 – 1630, Monday to Friday, with one AME on duty on the weekend to deal with fleet aircraft snags.


  • It is intended (TBC) that the restaurant will be opened as soon as we open for flight operations, but for take-out only, with a limited menu, until the provincial government allows for sit down dining.
  • When sit down dining is permitted, we will follow all Government guidelines for restaurants, including
    1. Reducing the number of tables and chairs to ensure safe physical distancing,
    2. Carrying out enhanced cleaning of table surfaces and chairs between customers, and
    3. Ensuring that our servers have whatever PPE is mandated for serving customers.
  • Restaurant hours are still TBD.

Pilot Shop:

  • Pilot Shop hours will be 0900 – 1900, seven days a week.


  • It is requested that payments at the front desk, in the Restaurant, in the Pilot Shop, at the fuel kiosk and in Parts / Maintenance be made by credit or debit card for all transactions to limit the use of cash. If the amount of the payment is below the tapping limit (currently temporarily raised from $100 to $200) it is requested that you tap instead of inserting the card in payment terminal and keying in the requested information.

Posted on May 21, 2020