Post COVID-19 Re-Opening Policies and Procedures

Date:      January 4, 2021

To:          BFC Members and Associates

From:     Allan Paige, GM

Subject:  Post COVID-19 Re-Opening Policy and Procedures – Rev K

The following are the policies and procedures that we are following to ensure everyone’s safety after re-opening for flight training and aircraft rentals:

Protective Measures (see Flight Ops and Restaurant for measures specific to those areas):

  • Glass shields have been installed at Dispatch, Pilot Shop, Restaurant and Parts to separate customers from staff where 6 ft / 2 m spacing is not possible.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all areas of the building, including at the entrance to the lobby where we ask everyone to sanitize prior to entering the lobby.
  • Sharing of items such as pens, paper, books, headsets etc is not permitted.
  • The computer terminals in the Clubhouse lobby have been re-arranged in order to maintain safe physical distancing and are only to be used for last minute weather checks and entering your mission data into FleetCaptain for dispatch.
  • Regular disinfecting of communal devices (phones/tablet/computers in the lobby, pay terminals etc) will be carried out and disinfectant will be available for cleaning communal equipment between uses.
  • Markings have been placed on the floor in the Clubhouse lobby to ensure physical distancing from the dispatcher / DM and customers.
  • Access to the Clubhouse, Pilot Shop and Restaurant is restricted to maintain physical distancing.
  • Entry into the Clubhouse area beyond the restaurant and washrooms area is by appointment / reservation only, with no entry allowed more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment / reservation (aircraft booking, simulator booking, ground school class or scheduled meeting/exam). The front door to the lobby will be kept locked at all times with entry controlled by the person manning the front door and/or the dispatcher(s) on duty.
  • Loitering in the Clubhouse is not permitted in order to maintain physical distancing between customers and staff. People are to stay out of the lobby and lounge area unless they are imminently (within the next 15 minutes) going to do a pre-flight briefing or dispatch a training flight.  Please come in, do your flight or ground school and leave to make space available for other customers.  The lounge area is for pre-flight briefings only; it is not open for people to eat meals or relax between flights.  Anyone found loitering in the lobby or lounge will be asked to leave the building.
  • It is important that you make a reservation in our Wingman booking system if you plan to come to the flight school. We are not able to accommodate students who wish to use our facilities for studying purposes.
  • A traffic flow pattern for customers has been set up to minimize two-way traffic and congestion in the lobby as much as possible in the Clubhouse as follows:
    1. Customers arriving at the Clubhouse for a flight will be directed to the lounge area for their pre-flight briefing with their instructor or to do final flight planning (with the number of tables / chairs reduced to ensure physical distancing) and then on to the Dispatcher and Duty Manager to dispatch the flight. We encourage you to do as much flight planning as possible ahead of time to minimize the time spent in the lounge and lobby area.
    2. Customers returning from a flight will re-enter the Clubhouse through the door at the east end of the lobby to drop off the aircraft document bag on the table at the northeast corner of the lobby and:
      1. If your flight was a rental flight, immediately exit through the same door to leave the facility.
      2. If your flight was a dual flight, pick up your PTR and immediately exit through the same door to go to the cubicles in the back hall area for a post-flight debriefing and to fill out your PTR. Entry and exit to the back hall is via the side entrance only (ie: not the hallway from the lobby to the classrooms).  Your PTR will be returned to its drawer in the lobby by your instructor.
  • If you are a student on a solo flight and require a post-flight debriefing with the Duty Manager you may do so in person but then you must exit through the same door to leave the facility after returning your PTR to its drawer.
  • Everyone is asked to stay away from the Club if they have:
    1. Any symptoms of COVID-19 or
    2. been in contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case in the last 14 days or
    3. a sick household member or
    4. a sick member in your social bubble or
    5. travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

People meeting any of these criteria are asked to stay away from the Club for 14 days, or 3 days beyond symptom clearance, whichever is longer, or until they and every household / social bubble member test negative for COVID-19.

  • Everyone entering the Clubhouse will be asked if they have:
    1. a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or any other symptoms of COVID-19 or
    2. been in contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case in the last 14 days or
    3. a sick household member or
    4. a sick member in your social bubble or
    5. travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

If any answer is in the affirmative, they will be denied entry into the Clubhouse.  People denied entry will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days, or 3 days beyond symptom clearance, or until they and every household member test negative for COVID-19, whichever is longer.  Disciplinary action may be taken against any person who is found to have falsely answered the aforementioned health questions asked of them.

  • In the event that an individual who has been at BFC is identified with a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19, we will take steps to minimize the possibility of further infection. This will include the following:
    1. Exclusion of affected individual from our facilities for 14 days, or 3 days beyond symptom clearance, whichever is longer, or until they test negative for COVID-19.
    2. Notification of people determined to have been in close contact with the affected individual at our facility.
    3. We will advise Brampton Flight Centre students/associates/staff/customers by signage on our bulletin board in the front hallway, our website and by our Constant Contact emailing system.
    4. We will notify local and provincial authorities of any compliance issues within the 14-day mandatory quarantine period; and any cases of COVID-19 infection during the 14-day mandatory quarantine period.
    5. Temporary closure of our facility until enhanced cleaning and disinfecting has been carried out of the affected individual’s workstation and belongings, all high-touch objects and likely sources of contamination in the facility.
    6. We will also ask the infected individual if we can publish their name so that contact tracing may be carried out more easily.
  • Effective July 10, 2020, we will turn away any member of the public from entering our buildings who refuses to wear a mask unless they are “Persons who have trouble breathing or are otherwise unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons or for reason of disability, including Persons who are unable to remove masks without assistance”.

Flight Ops:

  • Bookings will be staggered to reduce the number of people congregating in the lobby. We may need to shift booking times slightly in order to increase the stagger.  Customers will be informed if we have had to shift their booking.
  • The number of bookings that pilots and renters can make has been reduced to 15 in a 30 day period with a maximum of 2 bookings per day. Future bookings are reduced to a 30 day window.  These changes have been made to allow more opportunity for all who wish to fly with us.  As per normal operations, instructors and our scheduler will still be able to make longer and additional bookings to accommodate specific student and renter needs.
  • The minimum time between aircraft and simulator bookings has been increased to allow for cleaning / disinfecting between flights.
  • High touch areas of aircraft and simulators, including, but not limited to, seats, seatbelts, control wheels, ignition keys, engine controls, avionics controls, door handles (inside and out), window latches, fuel caps, oil dipsticks, fuel strainer knob and pitot covers are being cleaned and disinfected by trained Flightline staff after each flight and at the end of the day. A card is on the glareshield of each airplane to show the airplane cleaning status and to confirm that the airplane is cleared for the next flight.
  • Because we are unable to ensure physical distancing during dual flights, instructors and students/passengers are required to wear masks for all dual flights in aircraft and the simulators. Students are expected to provide their own masks (N95 or surgical masks will NOT be required).  We have a limited supply of disposable masks available for purchase at a nominal cost but if none are available and a student does not have a mask, his/her flight will be cancelled.
  • No sightseeing flights until further notice (intro flights are allowed).
  • Electronic signatures are being used in FleetCaptain to reduce the amount of paper touched during the dispatch process.
  • Touchless payment using your credit card on file is the preferred method of payment. When you are dispatched, you will be asked how you will be paying for the flight (credit card on account, pre-existing credit from your account, debit or cash) so that you do not need to return to the dispatch desk for payment of your bill.  If you are paying by cash or debit, you will be asked to pay the expected amount of the bill prior to your flight based on the estimated Hobbs and instructor times.  Your receipt will be automatically emailed to you after the invoice is processed by the dispatcher.
  • PPL ground school is available only by advance registration. Contact [email protected] for more information on how to register.
  • Ground school class sizes are being limited to ensure that physical distancing in the lecture hall and commercial classroom can be maintained and all extra chairs will be removed. Chairs and desktops will be cleaned and disinfected after each class.  A virtual option for attending PPL ground school is available.  Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Flight Ops and Fuel hours are 0800 – 2200 every day of the week.
  • The following declaration has been added to the Flight Authorization form: “I self-declare that I am free of COVID-19 symptoms, have not travelled out of the country and have not been in contact with anyone who might be suspected, infected or diagnosed with the Coronavirus within the past 14 days. I understand that choosing to enter our facility involves risks, including without limitation, bodily injury or harm and contracting COVID-19. I acknowledge that I am participating voluntarily. I freely accept and fully assume any and all of the risks, whether caused by the negligence of the club or otherwise. I release the club and its directors, officers, employees and representatives from any potential claims or liabilities related to my attendance at the club.”
  • For all Private Aircraft Instruction, the aircraft must be disinfected by our flight line staff prior to any dual lessons. There will be a nominal charge to the student for this service.
  • The renter airplane in the booking system has temporarily been changed to being available for weekend bookings only since it is only lightly used during the week.

Maintenance / Parts:

  • Access to the maintenance hangars is restricted to staff only.
  • Parts are available for pickup in the Hangar 1 lobby
  • Maintenance and Parts hours are 0800 – 1630, Monday to Friday, with one AME on duty on the weekend to deal with fleet aircraft snags.


  • The restaurant is closed.

Pilot Shop:

  • The Pilot Shop is only open for online orders and curbside pickup (by appointment).


  • It is requested that payments at the front desk, in the Restaurant, in the Pilot Shop, at the fuel kiosk and in Parts / Maintenance be made by credit or debit card for all transactions to limit the use of cash. If the amount of the payment is below the tapping limit (currently temporarily raised from $100 to $200) it is requested that you tap instead of inserting the card in payment terminal and keying in the requested information.

Posted on January 4, 2021