Operational Restrictions *Updated April 16, 2021

April 16, 2021    

Dear Members, Associates and Staff,  

The Ontario Government has just extended the stay-at-home order for another 14 days to now end on May 13th, imposed new restrictions, and given police additional powers to stop, question and fine people who are away from their homes. The new restrictions published for the stay-at-home order do not impact our flight operations and we will continue to operate as we have been doing since the stay-at-home order was imposed on April 8th. However, we have prepared a letter for our professional students, and staff who cannot work from home, in case you are questioned by the police. Please contact your instructor, our CFI ([email protected]) or our Flight Training Manager ([email protected]) for a copy of the letter.  

Flight Ops Open only for training students in a flight training program (rating or licence) who are working towards becoming a professional pilot, as well as those professional pilot students working on building their solo hours. Operating hours are 0700 – 2330, Mon – Fri and 0700 – 2200, Sat & Sun.  
Fuel Sales Fuel pumps are open 0700 – 2330, Mon – Fri and 0700 – 2200, Sat & Sun.  
Restaurant The restaurant will remain closed until restrictions on indoor dining are lifted.  
Pilot Shop The pilot shop is open only for online sales and curbside pickup.

Thanks and stay safe,
Allan Paige
General Manager

Posted on April 16, 2021