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The Brampton Flight Centre (BFC) is recognized as one of the top flight training schools in Canada as evidenced by the accomplishments of past students, including Webster Trophy winners and many who have gone on to successful airline careers. Thousands of pilots have trained at the Brampton Flying Club since its inception in 1946. BFC is a member of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) and is registered as a career college under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

The airport, aircraft and facilities are owned and operated by the BFC. The airport is close to Toronto, one of the largest cities in Canada, and yet is located in the country, in the beautiful Town of Caledon, Ontario. The location is excellent as it provides quick access to our practice area and makes for an exciting and vibrant training environment.

Planning your career as a professional pilot will take some careful consideration. Brampton understands that everything moves fast in the aviation industry, and is well positioned to help you realize your career dreams. Students from around the world come to fly here and individual needs are taken into consideration. Students can choose from self paced and self directed training with the Commercial Pilot Licence Program, Night Rating, Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rating, and Flight Instructor Rating programs (see below for links to programs). As well trainees may opt for the College Diploma Program or Integrated ATPL.

The skills and credentials earned upon graduation from our Commercial Pilot Training Program will give you the advantage needed to pursue a career in the demanding Aviation sector.

The Brampton Flight Centre Offers 3 Career Oriented Programs but Which One Will Work for Me?

The programs offered consist of the Self-Paced Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Program, the College Diploma Program, and the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Students in the Self-Paced Commercial Pilot Licence Program will receive a Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence with the option of a Multi-Engine Instrument rating whereas the students in the College and IATPL  will receive a Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence with the Multi-Engine Instrument rating and an aviation diploma.

You can start the Self-Paced CPL Program with us and then if you wish to apply to the Diploma Program you will be able to transfer over if you are approved before the application deadline. Your flight hours you have accumulated in the self-paced program will carry over as well (some restrictions may apply).

The College and IATPL programs are structured programs that requires you to be available Monday to Friday for classes from 1400 to 1800 and the morning is generally devoted towards flying. The College and IATPL programs start in July only. The Self-Paced Commercial Pilot Licence program gives you the flexibility of scheduling your flights and attending ground school at your convenience as it is a self-paced program. The self-paced Commercial program offers a new start date each month.

You must be available for the College or IATPL Program full time. The Self-Paced Commercial program allows you to complete the program on a part time or full time basis. The self-paced program also provides you with the convenience of spreading the training over a few years if you are unable to meet the financial demands of the program in a specified time period. We are happy to provide you with a letter with the breakdown of the program cost if you would like to try secure a loan or line of credit.

It is BFC’s practice to offer the top 25% of the College and IATPL Program a job at the Brampton Flight Centre as a flight instructor if they complete the required program and rating. We would still consider hiring graduates from our Self-Paced CPL Program. Some restrictions will apply.

The College or IATPL Program ground school provides over 700 hours of ground school instruction. The College and IATPL Program goes more in-depth than the required Transport Canada standard and the advanced airline training curriculum has been patterned after aircrew training programs recommended by ATAC and mandated by Transport Canada for Charter and Commuter air carriers. Please note the Self-Paced CPL Program does not offer advanced airline ground school.

The IATPL program is a 18-20 month program that covers the same material as the College program but it also focuses on Airline Transport Licence preparation training. The program incorporates multi crew experience in an advanced simulator at CAE and provides you ground school instruction by active airline pilots so that you can pass the examinations required for the ATPL.


Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (IATPL) [email protected]  905-838-1400 ext. 248

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Self-Paced Commercial Pilot Program [email protected] 905-838-1400 ext. 228

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