Hangar & Ramp; Tie-down (Tenant/Members)

2018 Rates

The Brampton Airport is ideally located close to Toronto and the provincial highway network.

Tie-downs vary in price depending on the service available at the site. Tenants are required to maintain a current membership with the Brampton Flying Club. Please contact Nanci at 905-838-1400 x 333 or [email protected] for more information or reserving space.

Brampton Airport


Rates 2018 Annual 2018 Monthly
Bravo Taxiway SW $903.72 $90.37
Bravo Taxiway NW $1,040.32 $104.03
Foxtrot Taxiway SE $1,489.10 $148.91
Foxtrot Taxiway SW $1,528.08 $152.81
Foxtrot Taxiway NE $1,559.27 $155.93
Foxtrot Taxiway NW $1,668.41 $166.84
Golf Taxiway NE $1,668.41 $166.84
Golf Taxiway NE by Grass Tie Downs $1,590.46 $159.05
Grass $701.67 $70.17
Starting Hangar Rates $4,444.85 $444.60

Please Note – applicable taxes not included in the above pricing.

Hangars for Rent

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Hangar #3 is not available for aircraft storage through the winter months. .

New Hangars for Sale

Hangars for Sale are listed under News & Weather

Safe Hangar Door Operations & Service

by David Powell – October 7, 2013

I recently observed our hangar door contractor removing an overhead door and cables from a T hangar. Up to this point, the new hangar owner had been using the person door to access the interior, as the overhead mechanism would not open the door. The hangar owner hired a contractor to completely replace the old door and install a new overhead door and operating system. The old door was estimated to weigh 4000 lbs, (vs. 1800 lbs) and constructed in such a way, 3 very heavy counter weights were required. The underrated drive motor was not approved for this application. The light duty cables and the cable system arrangement were questionable at best. The supporting cross beam was woefully underrated for the size and weight of the door. This overhead door system no doubt satisfied the former hangar owner(s) for many years and trusted that everything was OK. Considering the age of the hangar and the door system, this door was in reality “an accident waiting to happen”.

Maintaining the mechanical operation of hangar doors is a must. The above observations remind us of this very important need.

This list will assist hangar occupants to maintain a SAFE and trouble free hangar door.

  1. Check / inspect your door & operating system 3 times a year.
  2. Lubricate wear points regularly.
  3. Examine all cables for broken strands and take appropriate action.
  4. Lubricate cables with open chain / cable lubrication.
  5. Inspect operation and lubrication of pulleys.
  6. Lubricate all hinges and guide wheels.
  7. Check all bolt connections, particularly couplers on gearboxes.
  8. Inspect and lubricate latch assemblies.
  9. Check and maintain gearbox lubrication level.
  10. Perform a visual inspection of bearings on drive shaft assemblies.
  11. Perform a visual inspection of welds on hinges / top and centre door.
  12. Inspect weather stripping at bottom of door.

Disconnecting / removing any weight bearing components is dangerous when door is in any open position. Be sure door is closed to minimize weight on the operating system.

Scheduled maintenance is recommended to be performed every 6 months on Bi-fold Hangar Doors.

One of the local contractors that provides hangar door service is B & A Welding in Campbellville 1 905 878 5805.