Women in Aviation

At the Brampton Flight Centre, we feel that it is vital to support women within the aviation industry.  With a mere 6% of all private pilots in Canada being women and only 4.5% of all Airline Transport Pilot Licence holders in Canada being women, our goal is introduce as many women as possible to the industry and support them in their career paths.  With groups such as the Ninety-Nines and Women in Aviation offering both financial and moral support to women, we hope to see an increase in the number of women who are pursuing a career in aviation, both across Canada and around the world.

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For more information about Women in Aviation please contact Nanci Soldo our Membership Coordinator. Nanci can be contacted at 905-838-1400 ext. 300 or by email at [email protected].

Top Female Graduates of the Private Pilot Course at the Brampton Flying Club


Every year at the Brampton Flight Centre’s annual awards night, the Wings Banquet, we honor the top Female Private Pilot from within our Club with the Bonnie Rampulla Award.  The candidate is chosen based on both their written exam and flight test marks.


2018-Kirsten Holm, 2017-Caitlin MacGillivray, 2016-Jennie Paznar, 2015-Monica del Solar Meneses, 2014-Stephanie Pemberton, 2013-Hiral Patel, 2012-Teresa Zasowski, 2011-Jessica Saigle, 2010-Carolyn Marshall, 2009-Holly Johnson, 2008-Marta Siekanowicz, 2007-Astha Kapoor, 2006-Sara Rependa, 2005-Courtney Adams, 2004-Marsha Mallo, 2003-Yoon Jung Lee, 2002-Janice Vernon, 2001-N/A, 2000-Melonie Friesen, 1999-Kathy Sutton, 1998-Nanci Thomas, 1997-Kathy Wallace, 1996-Carole Smith, 1995-Jennifer Beverley, 1994-N/A, 1993-Eila Doma, 1992-Leili Foster, 1990-Pat Bechberger, 1989-Sharon McCleave, 1988-Dunja Durinovic, 1987-Melissa Kahle, 1986-Ann Macdonald, 1985-Deborah Horen, 1984-Teresa Dixon, 1983-Nancy Warren, 1982-Shannon Flemming, 1981-Carisa Burton, 1980-Marlene Case, 1979-Louise Blais & Susan Horvath, 1978-Tricia Warriner,  1977-Heather Bonfield, 1976-N/A, 1975-Sue Horner, 1974-Kim Goodine.

Brampton Flying Club Sustaining Members: Diane Brockman, Rose Fox, Sue Grange, Chris Hayball, Jacquie Perrin, Anne Starret and Brenda Wynott.

Life/Honourary Brampton Flying Club Members: Leili Foster, Karen Smith and Brenda Wynott.