Ground School – Instructor Rating or Commercial


CPL Registration Process
Active Member – If you are an active member, you can call the front desk to register and to pay for the CPL ground school fees. 

Not an Active Member – If you are not an active member, please contact Nanci at [email protected] to start the membership process and please notify her that you would like to register for the CPL ground school as well. 

Course: Commercial Ground School
Start Date: Monday July 11, 2022
End Date: Approx. mid-July 2022
Classes: Mondays and Wednesdays from 1900-2200 (excluding holidays)
Delivery Method: In-person
Cost: $650 plus tax

Great Tax Benefit For You! The CPL Ground School will count towards receiving a tax receipt for the 12-hour minimum per month. 

NOTE: You can start the CPL ground school even if you have not completed your PPL flight training, HOWEVER, it is not recommended that you attend CPL ground school if you still need to complete your PPL ground school OR the TC PPL Written exam OR if you still have a lot of PPL flight training to complete.