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From The Ground Up 30th Edition




Now into its 70th year of publication, this award-winning title continues to provide complete and detailed information on the overall subjects of Aircraft Operations, Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation & Communications, and General Airmanship.

The new edition’s chapters delve deeply into their well-established subject matter. Elapsed content has been removed, and the very latest in new content has been added throughout. 

As ever, chapters within the book’s sections include: The Airplane, Theory of Flight, Aero Engines, Aerodromes & Airspace, Aeronautical Rules & Facilities, Aviation Weather, Air Navigation, Radio, Radio Navigation, Airmanship, Human Factors, and Air Safety. Updated Appendices include a Sample Examination, a revamped Glossary, and an expanded, extensive and valuable Index.

With every re-print of the previous edition of this title, content received its share of updates. Thus, From the Ground Up, 29th Edition contains not only all the updates explicit to this new version, it also contains all the incremental updates that were added during the publication lifespan of the very successful 28th Edition.

Significant to From the Ground Up, 29th Edition is the refinement of its interior appearance. A heading numbering system has been applied to the book, rendering its structure – and its numerous embedded headings – easier to follow. This new format also caters to the book’s appeal as a sought-after reference resource, thereby making specific subject matter much easier to pinpoint. Building on this latter new format, every section of From the Ground Up, 29th Edition is now pre-faced by an overview that identifies page numbers for each topic within every given chapter. Thus, looking up a topic is now quicker than ever.

Various images have been improved, many to a very significant degree. Also, extensive attention has been put towards the layout of tabular information. Several new tables have been added to the book. Furthermore, older tables have been updated to provide a much better “look,” as well as an enhanced means for students to study content.

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