Flight Instructors

Choosing a Flight Instructor

Since we have over 30 flight instructors on staff, you will have the ability to choose an instructor that will meet your needs and preferences. You may wish to pick an instructor based on a referral; however, if you do not have a recommendation then there are many other methods you can use to pick a suitable instructor.

For instance, the majority of our students tend to train with the Flight Instructor that took them up for an Introductory Discovery Flight.  This preliminary flight is an inexpensive way to allow you to observe their teaching technique and approach to flight training.

You also will have the opportunity to meet new instructors at ground schools or informally throughout the Club.

Another option would be to contact Mary Kaczor, the Student Services Manager, and see if she could recommend an instructor that meets your requirements and scheduling needs. Please keep in mind that picking a flight instructor is highly dependent on their teaching style and personality, so Mary will try her best to set you up accordingly. Mary can be reached at 905-838-1400 ext 228 or by emailing [email protected]

It is highly recommended that you have one primary instructor for your training. Having a consistent instructor will help the flight instructor to monitor your progress. However, in some circumstances you may have to book a secondary instructor. Your primary instructor will recommend a secondary instructor that you can book in case they become ill or book vacation time.

We recognize that sometimes schedule or personality conflicts may arise. If this becomes an issue, please feel free to choose to fly with someone else. However, please remember to communicate this with your former flight instructor. If you do not feel comfortable telling them yourself, you can approach the Chief Flight Instructor Scott Chayko or the Student Services Manager Mary Kaczor.

Please refer to the section labelled Meet Our Instructor for short informational bios about our flight instructors.