Flight Schedule Pro (Booking System) and Scheduling Assistance

Flight Schedule Pro

There are useful YouTube videos that will help you to learn our booking system. Please click on the titles below to be redirected.

Make a Reservation

Getting Around FSP

Nice to Know Items (setting up personal views, cancelling reservations, etc)

Standby Reservations and how to view Standby Reservations

Booking Reminders via text to your cell phone

Specialty Booking Requests

  • Click to make booking
  • Change ACTIVITY TYPE and select colour that best corresponds with your need
    • Flight Test – Yellow (Do not forget to add notes in comment section if you require 3/4 tanks, etc)
    • IFR – Purple
    • Full Tanks – Maroon/ Dark Brown
    • 1/2 Tanks – Light Brown

Flight Schedule Pro (FSP) v4

Some of the new features that are introduced with v4 are:

* Modern and Simple Interface
* Drag-and-Drop Scheduling with new 3-Day and 7-Day layouts
* Reservation summary helps to differentiate regular bookings from standby bookings
* Helps you to sync with Google Calendar
* Booking reminders
* Chat – able to ask questions online to FSP
* You can provide Feedback and Suggestions

Scheduling Assistance

We have an admin personnel to help with special scheduling requests. Sabrina’s role is to provide end support for scheduling services. For this reason if you need assistance with the following items listed below, please reach out to [email protected]

  1. Flight tests and supervisory flights
  2. Cross Country Flights
  3. Multi/Multi IFR
  4. Night Rating
  5. Instructor Rating