Advice for Students and Licence Sign Off Process

Going Solo – Paperwork needed

In order to be eligible to fly solo, you will need to complete some paperwork before your Flight Instructor can deem that you are ready. The paperwork that you would need to complete consists of the following:

  1. PSTAR exam – 50 multiple choice questions on the air regulations in Canada. You will need to score over 90% in order to pass. For a list of the questions they may ask please visit
    • A BFC student can write the PSTAR exam in the ground school if they have paid for the PPL Ground school fee at Brampton. If not the cost is $50 plus tax and one of the Duty Managers can invigilate the exam.
  2. You will need to complete the PSTAR exam and show your valid passport and valid medical in order to have your Student Pilot Permit issued.
    • Your student pilot permit can be issued by Laura Eves [email protected] In the event that she is not available, Julie Marzoli our ACFI or Judy Piccioni our Manager of Flight Training Administration can also issue the document.
  3. Pass the radio exam. You will have multiple choice and short answer type questions. You will need to achieve 70% on each section in order to pass. In the event that you pass one section, you will have to rewrite the whole exam.
    • The Duty Manager can set you up with the radio exam and the fee is $50 plus tax.
    • Please note that you have to wait for the radio licence to be issued by mail from Industry Canada. On average it generally takes two weeks to receive it in the mail once it has been issued by our Flight Training Administrator Laura Eves.
  4. If you are not a Canadian citizen who has proof of conducting high school in Canada, you will need to schedule an Aviation Language Proficiency Test. Approved examiners are listed below. You can use an examiner from any region. The fee will generally be $100 and you can e-transfer the fee to the examiner. You are able to conduct the interview over the phone but your identity will have to be verified and your ID and relevant information will have to be sent to the Examiner prior to the exam. The test will be tape recorded and TC will verify the results:
Name Email Address Phone Number Region
Bergeron, Paul [email protected] 403-286-7186 Prairie and Northern Region
Booth, Nicholas [email protected] 519-648-3732 Ontario
Bourassa, André [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Bowditch, Gladys [email protected] No phone # listed Prairie and Northern Region
Braithwaite, Mark [email protected] 613-298-9178 Ontario
Duimel, Clark [email protected] 604-946-0011 Pacific Region
Favron, Daniel [email protected] 514-944-1493 Quebec
Gagnon, Louise [email protected] 514-239-3338 Quebec
Lorbetskie, Dave [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
MacGlaching, David [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Mahar, Laurie [email protected] No phone # listed Atlantic Region
Maracle, Jo-Anne [email protected] 613-396-3100 Ontario
Martin, Daniel [email protected] No phone number listed Quebec
Matrundola, Dario [email protected] 416-995-9464 Ontario
Mohr, Michael [email protected] 780-518-3793 Prairie and Northern Region
Nadon, Curtis [email protected] 403-286-7186 Prairie and Northern Region
Neumann, Matthew [email protected] 705-759-2554 Ontario
Palmer, Graham [email protected] 250-656-2833 Pacific Region
Pietracupa, Frank [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Pollak, Ferdinand [email protected] 514-883-9336 Quebec
Press, Cathy [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Rolland, Serge [email protected] 418-528-8393 Quebec
Scott, Jim [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Skutnik, Thiea [email protected] 204-339-6186 Prairie and Northern Region
Todd, Michel [email protected] 514-217-3150 Quebec
Wells, Sophia [email protected] 780-800-9639 Prairie and Northern Region

Private Pilot Licence Sign Off Process
If you have met all the Private Pilot Licence hour requirements, along with the PPL written and flight test, you will need to submit your documentation in order to initiate the sign off process. Please note that you will not be able to commence your Commercial Flight Training/Night Rating/Rental flights until you have received your temporary licence.

For the licence sign off process you will need to submit your package to Laura Eves our Flight Training Administrator. If you need to contact Laura directly you can do so at [email protected] or by calling 905-838-1400 ext. 228. Please note that the licence process can take a couple of business days to process. The application package that needs to be submitted will consist of the following:

  1. You to fill out an application for the application for the licence itself Please fill out section A (entirely) and sign the applicant portion in part B
  2. You will need to fill out an application for the aviation booklet
  3. You will need to get a picture taken that meets Canadian passport standards (please make sure it is signed on the back to say the location and the date the picture was taken)
  4. You will have to hand in your logbook and PTR
    1. make sure they match up
    2. are totaled
    3. have D’s listed for dual flight exercises practiced
    4. have S’s listed for solo flight exercises practiced
    5. sign in the applicable places
  5. Pay the licensing fee of $100 at the front desk
  6. Hand in all documents mentioned above as well as your Student Pilot Permit, Medical and radio licence to Laura Eves.