Community Support & Environmental Initiatives

The Brampton Flying Club (BFC) is very proud to be located in the Town of Caledon. “Caledon is well respected for it’s progressive approach on green matters and maintaining a sustainable balance of community, environmental and development initiatives in the context of an extensive urban and rural environment.”  In 2003 the Town of Caledon was named the co-recipient of the “TVO Greenest Town in Ontario” Award. Link to the Town of Caledon Green Development and learn more about what our community is striving for.

The following are some of the “Green” initiatives BFC is taking to create a more sustainable airport community.

Some of our finished and on-going projects include:

1)     Hydro One offers a program called “Power Savings Blitz” which is an incentive program to
save energy. BFC participated and had all lamps and ballasts replaced at no charge. The
ballasts use less electricity now. Over 90 light fixtures were converted in the service

2)     New air conditioner was installed in clubhouse as the old unit had to be replaced. We
chose a new unit that has a heat pump feature. Therefore it saves energy during the
season transition time.

3)     Automatic shut-off for heaters when hangar doors are opened.

4)     Styrofoam cups in restaurant replaced with compostable cups.

5)     Programmable thermostat installed in basement of clubhouse.

6)     Recycling program put into place in clubhouse, maintenance facilities and Air Cadet
building for plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, and paper/newspapers.

7)     Conserve energy when plausible by turning off lights and computers when they are not in

8)     Email invoices instead of mailing out invoices.

9)     Reduce the amount of printing and print double sided when able.

10)   Oil container recycling program in effect located at fuel pumps.

11)    Planted trees/shrubs.

Some of our future goals include:

1)    Install hand dryers in the male and female bathrooms in the clubhouse.

2)    Become members of the Everpure Biodiesel Co-op. This is a local company that will
recycle excess restaurant oils into biodiesel fuel.

3)     Introduction of outdoor recycling/advertising bins.

4)    Replace the restaurant Styrofoam takeout containers with plastic or cardboard

5)     Look into the possibility of having an organic compost plan.

If you have any suggestions or would like to provide feedback to our Green Airport Plan Committee please feel free to contact Judy Piccioni at [email protected] ext 248