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Please call ext 500 to confirm if Brampton Flight Centre has been closed temporarily due to inclement weather

Operations Shutdown

At times during the winter months due to major storms, there may be an operational need to close the Airport for all or part of the day to members and staff alike. Closures will be done in the interest of Safety for our staff and members.

Overnight Accumulations

0cm – 15cm: Delayed operations in the morning due to snow removal

16cm – 30cm: Airport Operations closed until 12pm

31+cm : Airport closed

When the airport is closed there will be an airport status voicemail ex 500 initiated by the morning Duty Manager to advise all staff and members of the Airport being closed. The phone system will be updated in the morning and throughout the day with information about the closure and an email will be sent out to all members advising of the closure.

Note: Not all heavy snow fall and severe weather occurs over night. The Duty Manager in consultation with the management staff can decide to close the Airport throughout the day if for staff and member safety it is deemed necessary.

Winter Alert Levels

Alert Level




Temperatures below -10°C
Forecast Snow
Solo/Rental pilots and Instructors advised of level and reason


Winter Storm Warning without accompanying severe weather
Winter Storm Watch
Temperatures below -20°C
Known Snow Squall activity
Forecast Freezing Precipitation
No solo flights, Rental pilots limited to circuit and local flying (within 25 nm)
Instructors advised of situation (CFI/delegate may impose restrictions on instructors as necessary)


Freezing Drizzle or Rain reported or Environment Canada Warnings
Blizzard Warnings
Winter Storm Warnings with accompanying severe weather
Temperatures below -30°C
Recall all flights, no flying until level dropped to Medium or Low



Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.