Licence Conversion

Here are the steps you must take in order to convert your licence to a Canadian PPL. Please note that the steps may be different depending on the country from which you received the PPL. Please confer with Transport Canada about the specifics. They can be reached at 416-952-0230.

1. Write the PSTAR exam here at the Brampton Flight Centre. You will need to register as a member to be able to write the PSTAR exam. The study guide can be purchased in our Humphrey’s Pilot Shop for $5.95. If you are converting your FAA licence, then you will need to write the FAA Conversion Exam instead of the PSTAR exam – please contact Transport Canada for further details.

2. Write the Canadian Radio Operators exam here at the Brampton Flight Centre. The study guide can be purchased in our Humphrey’s Pilot Shop for $5.95.

3. Complete 5 take-offs and landings within the past 6 months (PIC).

4. Obtain a Canadian Aviation Medical. It is recommended that you obtain the Aviation Medical prior to coming to Canada to improve your application status with the Canadian Embassy in your country. A Transport Canada approved aviation doctor may be located in your country, please check out the Transport Canada examiner website.

5. Submit your application to Transport Canada for PPL conversion. Your ICAO Ground school will be credited. You must bring your certified logbook to Transport Canada showing that you meet the minimum requirements for a Canadian PPL – see link. ( cost is $55.00 )

To study for the PSTAR exam, you will need to acquire the PSTAR study guide, the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) from Transport Canada, the Canada Flight Supplement, and the text book From the Ground Up (ISBN 0-9680390). You will also need to refer to the Canadian Aviation Regulations ( CARs) on the Transport Canada website.

The total cost for the conversion varies greatly depending on your experience and skills. If you meet the above criteria then your costs will be minimal. If you require additional training, an instructor will be able to give you a better idea after the first flight.