Women in Aviation

At the Brampton Flight Centre, we feel that it is vital to support women within the aviation industry.  With a mere 6% of all private pilots in Canada being women and only 4.5% of all Airline Transport Pilot Licence holders in Canada being women, it is important that we introduce as many women as possible to the industry and support them in their career paths.  With groups such as the Ninety-Nines and Women in Aviation offering both financial and moral support to women, we hope to see an increase in the number of women who are pursuing a career in aviation, both across Canada and around the world.

Every year at the Brampton Flight Centre’s annual awards night, the Wings Banquet, we honor the top Female Private Pilot from within our Club with the Bonnie Rampulla Award.  The candidate is chosen based on both their written exam and flight test marks.

Empowering Women to Fly!


The Brampton Flight Centre announces with regret, that we will be cancelling our Empowering Women to Fly event that was scheduled for May 2020.
We will continue to be advocates and help encourage and mentor women to dream big and consider aviation whether it be as a career or for recreational pursuit.
If there are any girls between the ages of 9-16 that are interested in learning more about flight training, we would recommend registering for one of our Kids/Youth Camps.
We also have intentions of offering the Empowering Women to Fly event once again in May 2021, so please check our website in the new year for updates.
We appreciate your understanding during this time of great uncertainty and we wish you well and to keep safe.

May 2021

Ladies, we need to take it to the next level! It is widely recognized that female pilots only comprise about 6% of all Commercial Pilots. For this reason, the Brampton Flight Centre is offering free first flight experiences to females. Our goal is to encourage girls and women to consider aviation as a hobby or a career and improve gender balance in the industry. The Brampton Flight Centre (BFC) invites all girls and females who have never flown in a small aircraft before to Take Flight! The flights and seminars are FREE!

  • 20 minute flight over the Caledon hills (3  females per aircraft plus instructor. Weight restrictions will be taken into considerations. Please note there is no guarantee to have all family/friends in the same aircraft and you may have 1-2 passengers with you for your flight that may not be from your reservation party).
  • Activities, Guest Speakers and more!

Please Note: A form must be filled out for each individual intending on taking flight. This includes a form filled for children.

Please read Veronica’s story about her aviation love story.


Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship

Neil Armstrong Scholarship Fund (COPA)

Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship (The Ninety Nines)

Women in Aviation Scholarships

Top Female Graduates of the Private Pilot Course at the Brampton Flying Club

Every year at the Brampton Flight Centre’s annual awards night, the Wings Banquet, we honor the top Female Private Pilot from within our Club with the Bonnie Rampulla Award. The candidate is chosen based on both their written exam and flight test marks.

2018-Kirsten Holm, 2017-Caitlin MacGillivray, 2016-Jennie Paznar, 2015-Monica del Solar Meneses, 2014-Stephanie Pemberton, 2013-Hiral Patel, 2012-Teresa Zasowski, 2011-Jessica Saigle, 2010-Carolyn Marshall, 2009-Holly Johnson, 2008-Marta Siekanowicz, 2007-Astha Kapoor, 2006-Sara Rependa, 2005-Courtney Adams, 2004-Marsha Mallo, 2003-Yoon Jung Lee, 2002-Janice Vernon, 2001-N/A, 2000-Melonie Friesen, 1999-Kathy Sutton, 1998-Nanci Thomas, 1997-Kathy Wallace, 1996-Carole Smith, 1995-Jennifer Beverley, 1994-N/A, 1993-Eila Doma, 1992-Leili Foster, 1990-Pat Bechberger, 1989-Sharon McCleave, 1988-Dunja Durinovic, 1987-Melissa Kahle, 1986-Ann Macdonald, 1985-Deborah Horen, 1984-Teresa Dixon, 1983-Nancy Warren, 1982-Shannon Flemming, 1981-Carisa Burton, 1980-Marlene Case, 1979-Louise Blais & Susan Horvath, 1978-Tricia Warriner, 1977-Heather Bonfield, 1976-N/A, 1975-Sue Horner, 1974-Kim Goodine.


Here are a few examples of some feedback we got from our Empowering More Women to Fly event:

“Hello Veronica,

I just wanted to send a very big THANK YOU for everything you and everyone at the airport did!!!! We are so grateful and truly appreciate all the time, help, money, planes, instructors/pilots,  and organizing everyone gave for this opportunity for all our girls and so many others! A special thank you for being so patient and letting us register some of the girls later and especially the friendliness, and all the time and energy spent into putting todays event on! Our camp girls and families, my piano students and family  all send a huge THANK YOU for Everything!!! Everyone left with huge smiles on their  faces, we have a few definitely interested in flying when they are older, and even cured more than one of the fear of flying!!!!Thank you for helping promote International Women’s day and  Women in Aviation-  it was an amazing experience for everyone! Thank you!!!! We also wanted to send a special thank you to you, Veronica- THANK YOU so much for everything!!!

Candace  ?”

“I came across the Brampton Flight Clubs “Women in Aviation Fly It Forward Challenge” on Facebook and although I am only seeing the article at 5:30 pm and have missed the opportunity to take flight, I want to give thanks to you for all of the women and children who were able to make it out today and have a chance to fly. What a wonderful initiative to create a gender balance and encourage females to explore flight as a career or hobby. As a young female working in a feminist organization to support women and children who have experienced violence and a supporter of empowering women to push the boundaries, I just wanted to thank you for all your effort in making this day possible and whatever behind the scenes effort it took to make the vision a reality. Keep on doing what your doing. You have inspired me and many others! Thank you for that.”

Janet from Orangeville, Ontario  ?

In the Women of Aviation FLY IT FORWARD CHALLENGE 2015 the Brampton Flight Centre was awarded First Runner Up for the Most Female Pilot Friendly Training Centre Worldwide.

Thank you to Gus from www.gusair.com for taking amazing photos that day!