Transfer Students (Canadian Flight Schools)

Transferring Flight School Process

Are you interested in transferring flight schools or will be transferring soon (transferring from one Canadian flight school to Brampton Flight Centre)? This step-by-step process will guide you in order to make this process as smooth and easy as possible. Please note that the process will differ depending on whether you are applying as a Domestic transfer or as an International student transfer.

How Canadian Citizens Can Transfer Schools: Process & Requirements

If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Residence of Canada and you wish to transfer from your current flight school to Brampton Flight Centre (BFC), you will first need to register as an associate. Steps and contact information are provided below:

1. Register as an Associate

In order to gain access to our online booking system and to start training at BFC, you will need to register as an associate. To initiate the process please email [email protected]. The initial associate fee is $210 plus tax and is valid for one year.

2. Choosing a Flight Instructor

You can email one of our available instructors based on their bio description. Please visit our Meet Our Instructors page. Please note not all instructors are taking students on at this time. If you need additional assistance in selecting an instructor, please reach out to Rita [email protected] for assistance.

3. Making Reservations

You will be sent an email from Wingman Reservations which will provide you access to making your flight reservations. For additional insight about how the system works, please visit our info sheet.

4. Ground School Registration

Should you wish for PPL Ground School, please advise [email protected] when becoming an associate. Private Pilot Ground School is $399 plus tax. If you wish to register for the CPL or IFR ground school, you can check our website for latest details as to when the courses will run.

5. Logbook Certification at Previous Flight School

Before you transfer please make sure you have your logbook certified from the CFI/Authorized Delegate from your previous school. This will help when it comes to licence sign off. You will also need to make sure that every page that has an entry in your PTR has been signed.

How International Citizens Can Transfer Schools: Process & Requirements

If you are an International Student that is currently residing in Canada (and you have a valid study permit) and you wish to transfer from your current flight school to Brampton Flight Centre, please see guided steps below:

1. Attach Requested Documents (see below):

For each document required, click the icon below to upload directly. To avoid delays, ensure that the documents you are uploading are clear and legible.

Transfer Student School Form for International Students

If you wish to transfer from your current flight school to Brampton Flight Centre, and commence your flight training, your first step is to complete and submit the documents below.

Your Name(Required)
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Be sure that your Permit is no less than 3 months away from expiry date If the expiry date falls under this category, you will be required to apply for an extension with your proof to the Flight Training Administrator
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Interested Programs (check all that apply)(Required)

International Student Expectation Documents and Associate Registration

Upon receipt of the above documents and information we will send to you via email the International Student Expectations Documents for you to read, sign and return to us in order to complete the Student Transfer process.

You will also be requested to register as an associate and pay the associate yearly fee of $210.00 plus tax.

You will also need to update Immigration of the change of flight schools. The cost to provide you with this letter is $150 plus tax.

As an international student you will be expected to sign an agreement that outlines the commitment required for your program.

Once your transfer request is accepted and your Associate Fees have been paid in full, you will be provided with access to our online booking system.

If you choose to attend Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Ground School at the Brampton Flight Centre, please notify Nanci [email protected] at the time of associate registration so that you can pay the necessary fees $399 plus tax for the PPL ground school. You will receive an email invite for each class and you can choose to register so that you can receive the zoom link.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact our Flight Training Administrator at [email protected] or by calling 905-838-1400 ext. 228 between Monday-Friday 08:00am – 16:00pm.

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