Visitor Information

The Brampton Flight Centre has much to offer tourists and visitors from around the world.

Our goal is to make your dreams Take Flight!  Flying appeals to all ages; it’s fun and exciting, and there is no experience quite like it.

Come visit the The Great War Flying Museum, the only one of its kind in Canada. Since 1970 the all-volunteer group has been dedicated to recreating the sights, sounds and feel of World War One combat aircraft. Sit in the same aircraft that Leonardo DiCaprio used in the movie “The Aviator”. Tour the museum displays of WW1 artifacts and Canadian history. Watch the airplanes being built and talk to the builders. Talk to the pilots and watch the airplanes fly every weekend throughout the summer.  You might even see the occasional dogfight.

Enjoy breakfast or lunch in the Wings Flight Grille and Cafe while you watch aircraft take off and land. The restaurant will hold up to 80 and the patio is open throughout the summer.

Soak in the scenery while having a picnic outside in the nice weather.

Visit the Recreational Aircraft Association (RAA), representing a group of Canadian aviation enthusiasts working together to promote recreational aviation and to advance the science of amateur built aircraft. Look at aircraft being built and learn about all the different kinds of makes and models that are possible. Watch them fly. This RAA chapter is the largest in Canada.

Take a Intro Flight lesson where you can actually take the controls!

Afterwards explore Humphrey’s Pilot Shop and pick up a souvenir of your flight. It makes for a great daytrip.

We offer guided Airport Tours for groups, seniors, schools, businesses, historical associations, and birthday parties. We also offer a summer Youth Camp for the young aspiring pilots at heart.

Don’t miss the aircraft that started it all: the de Havilland Tiger Moth, built in the 1940’s and originally purchased by the Brampton Flying Club in 1946 for $250.

Visitors can experience the feel, sights and sounds of WW1 aircraft and re-enactments at the Brampton Airport Annual Open House and Fly-In. Antique aircraft, WW1 antique, aircraft, motorcycles, boats, tractors and more. Barbecue & Pub. Sightseeing flights. The event takes place every year the first Sunday after Labour Day in September.

For visitors flying in to the airport for business or pleasure, we provide FBO (Fixed Base Operation) services including aviation fuel, aircraft parking, hangar space, catering, accommodation and transportation assistance, a flight planning station, passenger lounge and free wireless internet access.

Students from around the world are attracted to our Flight School as one of Canada’s premier flight training centres. Thousands of pilots have trained at the Brampton Flying Club since its inception in 1946. Students who wish to fast-track their careers to become airline pilots attend our one year Professional Pilot Diploma Program or IATPL Program. Both the IATPL and College programs are approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005. At present we have over 30 full time students from other countries who will live locally and experience life in Canada for at least a year.

Come Fly with Us!   For more information call 905-838-1400 or email [email protected].