Introductory Flight

Classic Introductory Flight

This introductory flight is for those who are thinking about taking flying lessons and obtaining a pilot’s license. Experience flight first-hand and you may even get to fly the airplane yourself! A Transport Canada approved flight instructor will guide you through what is involved in learning to fly, give you a tour of the BFC facilities and share a 20-minute flight in a four seat Cessna 172 with you at the controls. The flight can also be conducted in a smaller two person Cessna 152 for a 30-minute flight. A post flight briefing will follow your flight so that all of your questions can be answered. This flight is only available to one person, as passengers take away from the learning experience. Cost: $100 plus HST.


“Mini” Sightseeing Flight

This short sightseeing flight allows you to experience the thrill and adventure of flight and take up to three passengers along. The flight is approximately thirty (30) minutes and will take you over the beautiful Caledon countryside and hills of the Niagara Escarpment. Cost: $115 plus HST

More Fun Options…

One Hour First Lesson

If you feel the Classic Introductory Flight is too short, you may be interested in purchasing a One Hour First Lesson. The cost per hour is $230 (for Cessna Single Engine 172) plus applicable taxes. With this flight you will have the opportunity to fly for an hour with a qualified instructor.


“Mega” Sightseeing Flights

Our Sight Seeing Flights allow you to see the world from a perch that few get to enjoy. Whether it’s a flight over the city, around the CN tower, Niagara Falls or the local countryside, bring your camera and enjoy the ride. A one-hour flight costs $230 plus tax and includes seats for up to 3 passengers (weight restrictions would have to be taken into account).


Full-Motion Redbird Simulator

Another option is to try out our Full-Motion Redbird Simulator (FMX 1000). The Redbird FMX is a full motion, 3 axis, Flight Training Device. It allows the pilot to feel the real sensations of flight without ever having to leave the ground. It can be tested out by anyone 12 years and older. The cost is $100 plus tax for a half an hour. This simulator experience will introduce you to the concepts of flight preparation, some basic flight maneuvers and navigation. You will learn the introductory skills of flying, including take-off and landing.

If you would like to book one of these flights or would like to purchase any of these flights as a Gift Card, please contact the Front Desk dispatch at 905-838-1400 ext 0.