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Please Note* We are now booking for Mid June. No May Flights Available

Due to high demand for Intro flights, we are only able to allow you to pick a day for your flight through the online booking form. Your flight time will be assigned by the booking agent.  You may specify a time range in the special request section of the form; however, we may not be able to book you at the time you have requested. You will receive an email indicating the time you have been booked for on the day requested.


Deposit for Introductory Flight.   ***** Please Note the Introductory flight is only available for one person in the aircraft. ***** Anyone accompanying the person who is flying is welcome to view from outside the main building Minimum of 48 Hours’ notice required for all flight bookings. This does not guarantee date requested will be available.  If you are flexible in your availability for the flight, please make note that your availability.


Click this link below to book the date you would like for your intro flight and then return to this page to pay for the deposit

All gift cards or Deposits are non-refundable.

Prices are subject to change.


Introductory Flight – Brampton Flight Centre