Flight Instructor Assignment

Due to a high demand of pilot training requests, we will be assigning students requiring instructors using a Priority List. The List ensures that those who have completed the necessary steps and are ready to begin flight training are prioritized. Our intention is to prevent schedule congestion.

As long as you have met the listed requirements below and need assistance getting set up with an instructor, you can proceed in filling out the form please fill out this form.

1.  FIRST STEP – Book your Aviation Medical. Click Aviation Medical for a list of examiners. You will need a Category 3 medical for your Private Pilot Licence training or a Category 1 for your Commercial Pilot Licence. Please note that you need to have your Canadian Medical Certificate, ROC-A Certificate in your possession before we can add you to the List.

2.  You must be a registered associate with the Brampton Flight Centre. You can register at the Front Desk during our operational hours. We request that you use a valid passport for the photo ID required. 

3.  If you do not have a Canadian passport, then you will need to pass the Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration (ALPD). Please submit your ALPD results to our Flight Training Office [email protected]

4.  Purchase ePTR, this will document your flight training in an electronic Pilot Training Record.

5.  Register for Ground School. Options available are Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instructor Rating.

6.  Attend a minimum of the first 6 classes of the PPL ground school classes

7.  Pass the Radio Licence exam – can be done at your convenience. Pass: 70% or higher on Multiple Choice section AND 70% or higher on Short Answers. Radio Study Guide The Radio Licence is valid for life and is required before going solo.

8.  Pass PSTAR exam (pre-solo multiple choice exam). PSTAR Study Guide Pass: 90% or higher on multiple choice exam. You will have to be issued a Student Pilot Permit (SPP) before you go solo in addition, to having your flight instructor recommend you to go solo. *Make sure you have a valid Passport as this is a document that we can use to issue your document for Student Pilot Permit purposes.

It is highly recommended that you have one primary instructor for your training. Having a consistent instructor will help the flight instructor to monitor your progress. However, in some circumstances you may have to book a secondary instructor. Your primary instructor will recommend a secondary instructor that you can book in case they become ill or book vacation time.

We recognize that sometimes schedule or personality conflicts may arise. If this becomes an issue, please feel free to choose to fly with someone else. However, please remember to communicate this with your former/original flight instructor. If you do not feel comfortable telling them yourself, you can contact us for further assistance, The Flight Training Office via email at [email protected] 

Once again, thank you for your patience as we are initiating a fair system that helps to meet the needs of our existing and upcoming customers. We are trying our very best to expedite the on-boarding process while staying true to our commitment to serve our customers well.

Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.