Youth Camp – Will Run From August 12th to August 16th, 2024

Our Summer Youth Camp for 2024 will take place the week of August 12th to August 16th 2024! – Camp is FULL – Get Your Name On The Cancellation List

A Message from the Flight Camp Director:

The Youth Flight Camp at Brampton Flight Centre is structured to introduce students (ages 12 to 16) to the exciting world of aviation. Our program has been tailored to meet the interests of the students at an age appropriate level and to introduce the many facets of this wonderful industry from general to commercial aviation. This includes actual flight training with certified Flight Instructors and other various activities combining fun and adventure around the Brampton airport and surrounding aviation community.

The Brampton Flying Club has proudly served the local community for over 75 years. Through the Kids and Youth Flight Camps, we hope to foster a stronger connection with the surrounding area, and to introduce a new generation to the wonderful world of aviation. Our program has been tailored to engage students at a level appropriate to their age, and to bring them all the challenge and excitement that flying has to offer.

Brampton Flight Centre’s friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff of Flight Instructors, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, and Administrators will bring their experience and enthusiasm to this summer’s Flight Camps. Our clubhouse, restaurant and Pilot Shop are open to the public and we encourage you to visit!

You will need to fill out all required items on the applicable form and pay a deposit of $100 (tax included). Enrollment is limited to 15 aviators for the week. Applications will be received on a first-come, first-serve basis so register now to avoid disappointment! We require a minimum of 12 campers to run the event. We have lots of interest for this event and anticipate for spots to fill up quickly. In the event, that we should not meet the minimum 12 campers requirement a full refund will be provided to you.

Rita Lombardi
Camp Director

Registration Is Closed – Camp is FULL!

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit (*refund exception* Refund will be issued if minimum quota of 12 campers is not met). The $100 deposit is required to confirm a placement in the program. The cost of the camp is $995.00 plus HST. The $100 deposit will be credited towards camp fees for attendees. The balance of $895.00 plus HST will be required to be paid in FULL two weeks prior to the Youth Camp Start date of Monday August 12th, 2024. Seats are reserved to ONLY 15 campers. If your deposit does not go through and it indicates “Out of Stock” this means that the Camp is FULL. If you wish you can get your name on a Cancellation List. To do so, email Rita at [email protected]

Camp attendees will receive:

– ground school instruction
– flight training in the front seat
– simulator experience
– will take radio exam
– aviation tours
– 2 snacks will be provided daily

Kids will be required to bring their own Peanut-Free Lunch.



This unique five day camp program will introduce youth to the wonderful world of flying. This includes flight theory, airmanship, aircraft systems and industry careers. The Camp runs from 08:00 until 16:00.

Introduction to Ground School

  • Theory of Flight (how the airplane flies)
  • Engines and Airframes (how the airplane is built)
  • Radio Theory (how we talk to people in airplanes)
  • Meteorology (weather)

Preparatory Ground Instruction and In-Flight Lessons

  • Attitudes and movements
  • Straight and level flight
  • Climbs and descents
  • Turns
  • Takeoffs and landings
  • Radio procedures
  • Introduction to Navigation

Flight Training Totals

  • Approx. 10 hours of ground school instruction
  • 1 hour of simulator time
  • 5 flight hours in C172 of which approximately 2 hours will be in the front seat

Lunch and Snacks

  • Kids must bring their own peanut-free lunch.
  • 2 snacks will be provided daily.


  • Brampton airport clubhouse, ramp and maintenance hangars
  • Aviation Tours

Special Components

  • Aviation art
  • UAV (drone) introduction


  • Aviation movie
  • Aviation history in Canada
  • Paper plane contest
  • Outdoor sporting activities

Flight School Operations – About Us

The Brampton Flight Centre is owned and operated by the Brampton Flying Club (BFC).  BFC is a not for profit organization. We are a certified Air Operator approved by Transport Canada and have been operating since 1946. BFC is also an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) to meet the needs of the Air Operator, the club members and other transient aircraft.

Within the flight-training program there are options for obtaining a recreational, private and commercial pilot licence. There are also options for night, multi-engine and instrument ratings. The Brampton Flight College is an integral part of BFC and permits career minded students to receive specific industry training towards possibilities as a commercial pilot. Graduates of our College or IATPL Programs are awarded a diploma.

Flight School Equipment

BFC owns and operates twenty-three aircraft in support of its flight training programs.

Our fleet consists of 3 Cessna 172P models, 14 Cessna 172R/s models, 1 Cessna 182T, 2 Piper Seminole, 1 Taildragger 7ECA and 2 Cessna 172SP G1000.

BFC has 2 Flight Training Devices (Simulators). The Frasca 142 is an enclosed cockpit Flight Training Device (FTD) with a 170 degree wrap around visual system. Though this unit is fixed it induces a feeling of flight through the wrap around visuals. Our second simulator is the FMX1000 which is an enclosed cockpit Flight Training Device (FTD) with 200 degree wrap-around visuals. This unit has full motion Redbird and induces a realistic but not overbearing sensation of flight.

Flight Camp Supplies

Camp attendees will be issued a Pilot Training Record to authenticate the completion of their flight camp training. They will also receive a camp T-shirt and a series of handouts from the ground school so that they can start their own initial training file.

Flight Camp Key Personnel

Brampton Flying Club employs over seventy-five staff to cover the various aspects of flight and airport operation.

Flight Camp Director: Rita Lombardi
Camp Counsellors: Certified Flight Instructors
General Manager: Allan Paige – Oversees Airport and Flight School Operations
Chief Flight Instructor: Scott Chayko – Oversees Flight Training Instruction and Safety
Director of Maintenance: Angelo Micone – Person Responsible for Aircraft Maintenance.

The General Manager, Chief Flight Instructor and Director of Maintenance represent the main nucleus of the operating structure for the Brampton Flight Centre. All other staff work in support of these functions and ensure that all services provided by the Club are able to meet the needs of the membership, students and their visitors.

Thank you for considering the Flight Camp experience at Brampton Flying Club. We look forward to sharing our passion for aviation and inspiring our youth!