Tail Wheel Conversion Course

The tail wheel conversion course is meant for those who hold at least a Recreational Pilot Permit, and have completed training on a tricycle geared airplane.

Tail Wheel Bellanca

Ground Instruction consists of the sources of torque, take-offs, landings, and performance of the Bellanca 7ECA (Citabria).

Ground Instruction 3.0 hrs @ $81.00 = $243.00

Flight time is based on the average student, and totals approximately 10 hours. The dual hourly rate is $235/hour plus HST. These are broken down as follows:

Upper air work 2.0 hr  = $498.00

Normal T/O & 3 Point Landings 2.0 hrs = $498.00

Normal T/O & Wheel Landings 2.0 hrs = $498.00

Short Field T/O & Landings 1.5 hrs = $352.50

Soft Field T/O & Landings 1.5 hrs = $373.50

Crosswind T/O & Landings 1.5 hrs = $373.50

Total 10 hrs = $2,857.50

The above times are strictly approximations based on the average pilot, and are only recommendations. Actual training times may vary based on student ability.

Completion Standards

Successful candidates will complete the ground instruction, pass the Citabria Checkout Exam, and be able to operate the aircraft to the instructor’s satisfaction before being approved for solo rental of the same Citabria. Solo rental is at $168/hr.


  1. All taxes excluded.
  2. Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice. Rates effective December 1, 2022.
  3. Fuel surcharge may apply.
  4. Aircraft: Bellanca 7ECA (Citabria). Post Private training meets CPL Transport Canada minimums.
  5. Amount of flight training necessary fluctuates with each student.
  6. Portions of the Commercial Pilot course are income tax deductible. See website for more details.
  7. Yearly Associate Fee $185.00 plus $25.00 initiation fee (plus HST).

For more information call 905 838 1400 ext 228 or email [email protected]