Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)

Flight Training

A minimum of 25 hours of flight training must be acquired.  Of these 25 hours, a minimum of 15 hours must be Dual hours, and 5 must be Solo hours.  During this training you will gain experience on navigation, aircraft ground handling, radio procedures, pre-flight inspections, and aircraft air handling through various air exercises.  There are no instrument time requirements for this permit.  A Category IV Medical or higher must be completed and can be completed by your family physician.  The minimum age to obtain this permit is 16 years.

Ground School & Examinations

There is no ground school requirement for this permit, however you may wish to take our Private Pilot Ground School as it will aid you in taking the Transport Canada Written Exams which are required.  The Transport Canada written examination can be done here at Brampton or at any of the Transport Canada Examination Centres. You must obtain at least 60% on each of the four mandatory subjects: Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology, and Aeronautics – General Knowledge. To book your written examination please contact the Flight Training Office at 905-838-1400 ext 228. You must also complete a Recreational Pilot Flight test conducted by an approved Transport Canada Inspector or a Pilot Examiner.


The holder of a Recreational Pilot Permit will have restrictions that Private Licence holders do not.  This includes the ability to fly within Canada only, only able to fly aircraft with 4 seats or less, only able to carry one passenger at any time.

Learn to Fly

Ground School – In only 48 hours of Ground school you will learn Navigation, Meteorology, Air Law and General Knowledge.

Dual – Your Flight Instructor will show how easy and fun it is to fly an airplane in as little as 15 hours!  This will prepare you for your Flight Test and teach you to become a safe pilot.

Solo – Your first solo flight is something that you will remember forever!  This stage of flying is normally completed in your first 15 to 20 hours of training and is the first time you fly without an instructor on board the aircraft.

Recreational Pilot Permit – Once you have met the requirements for this you will be able to take a friend or family member with you when you go flying.  Imagine going to Toronto for lunch or Niagara Falls for sightseeing!


Advantages and Privileges

  • Fly solo at age 14
  • Fly Single Engine Aircraft
  • Fly anywhere in Canada
  • Carry one Passenger
  • Day VFR
  • Easy upgrade to PPL
  • Online Reservation System
  • Obtain Medical Through Family Doctor
  • Schedule at Your Convenience
  • In House Pilot Examiners
  • In House Written Exams

Recreational Pilot Permit Requirements:

  • 48 Hours of Ground School (highly recommended)
  • Student Pilot Permit Age 14, Application Age 16
  • Category 4 Medical Certification through your Family Doctor.
  • Successfully complete (60%) on Transport Canada Recreational Pilot Written Exam
  • 15 Hrs Dual Flight Training Minimum
  • 10 Hrs Solo Flight Training Minimum
  • Successfully Complete a Recreational Pilot Flight Test


  1. All taxes excluded.
  2. For Ground School supplies both Standard and Deluxe see website for more details.
  3. Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice. Rates effective February 12, 2024
    Fuel surcharge may apply.
  4. Quote is based on Transport Canada minimums. The amount of flight training necessary fluctuates with each student.
  5. Please note that Associates and Ground School fees are non-refundable.
  6. Reference CARs 421.22