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Professional Training That Makes a Difference – Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (IATPL) Program

Have you always wanted to be an airline pilot? Your timing is excellent!  Looking ahead over the next 3-5 years, it is expected that the airline industry will face a shortage of qualified pilots, fuelled by retirements of “boomer” age pilots and growing passenger travel. Act now and you may soon be flying as a copilot for a charter or commuter air carrier.

Brampton Flight College, the professional training arm of Brampton Flight Centre, is an aviation career training organization with a proven track record, dedicated to producing qualified pilots, job-ready for charter and commuter operators and familiar with current industry expectations. The goal is accomplished through the delivery of the IATPL curriculum as developed in consultation with Transport Canada, Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) and distinguished airline pilots.

Our Integrated ATPL Program has been designed to meet the flight crew skill needs of airlines as suggested by ATAC in human resource studies of the industry. Students receive training in flight and ground school subjects approved by Transport Canada. The advanced airline training elements are patterned on standardized Initial Training provided by air carriers to new hire pilots and are taught by active line pilots. As well, the Program provides trainees with insights into getting a job in the industry through aviation business familiarization, resume preparation, interviewing tips and practice, airline “sim ride” training and networking opportunities with active airline pilots to further career goals. It is BFC’s practice to offer the top professional program graduates(25%, maximum 3) a flight instructor interview.

Brampton has an excellent industry placement record; graduates are flying with many airlines in Canada – Air Canada, CargoJet, Porter, Jazz, Sunwing, Kelowna Flightcraft to name a few – and with other carriers internationally.

Candidates with post secondary training or working experience are typically more successful in this highly demanding ground school and flight-training environment. Applicants are also evaluated on their commitment to personal excellence and their ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner, befitting the professional nature of airline flying. The Program will appeal to career oriented individuals who wish to acquire an edge in the highly competitive world of professional aviation. Perhaps you are presently attending university or college and always wanted to be an airline pilot.

Or you have already completed some Private Pilot Licence training – typically 30 hours of your flight time would be credited towards the Program. Reference: Canadian Aviation Regulations Standards 426.75 (2) (a).

The Integrated ATPL program is designed to give you the best preparation for pursuing a career in professional flying. The Program is intense and is designed for you to complete your training in 18-20 months. Why not consider the Integrated ATPL Program as a post-graduate option. In more detail, key elements in the IATPL Program comprise:

For more information please feel free to contact our Campus Administrator at [email protected] or by calling 905-838-1400 ext. 248. To start the application process please visit IATPL Application Form