Instructor Rating

Instructor Rating – Flight Training

The prerequisites for this rating are that you must be the holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence and hold a valid Category I medical.  A total of 30 Dual hours must be obtained, of which 5 hours must be instrument time.  A maximum of 5 hours of the 30 may be accumulated by the use of the simulator.  During this time you will gain extensive knowledge in giving in-flight instructions.  This rating will allow you to teach students how to fly for the purpose of obtaining a permit, licence or rating.

Ground School & Examinations

A total of 25 hours of ground instruction must be received.  During this time you will gain experience in the procedures for planning and presenting preparatory ground instruction, pre-flight briefings as well as post-flight briefings.  You will also become proficient in the practical application of the basic principles of learning and techniques of instruction, preparation and use of lesson plans, the theory of flight required to teach the exercises, aircraft flight manuals and aircraft operating limits as well as presentation of pilot decision making concepts.  You will also become proficient with the Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide, Flight Training Manual, Canadian Aviation Regulations and Flight Test Standards.  Upon completion of the ground and flight time requirements you must also complete the Instructor Rating Transport Canada Written exam as well as a Flight Instructor flight test conducted by an approved Transport Canada Inspector.


Yearly Membership

$   210.00


Ground School

30 Hours @ $85.00/Hr



Dual in C172R/S

30 Hours @ $262.00



Flight Test

2 Hours A/C, $400 Pilot Examiner, Lic. Fee





Group Instructor Rating

  • Group Ground School is also available for a reduced rate.
  • Contact the Chief Flight Instructor, Scott Chayko, at 905-838-1400 ext. 300 for more details
  1. All taxes excluded.
  2. Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice – September 2020 Rates.
  3. Aircraft: C-172R/S.
  4. The amount of flight training necessary fluctuates with each student.
  5. Portions of the Flight Instructor Rating are income tax deductible some restrictions apply.
  6. Yearly Associates Fee $185 plus $25.00 initiation fee (plus HST). Please note that the Associates and Group Ground School fees are non-refundable.
  7. Reference CARs 421.69

Please note that the Flight Instructor Rating is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.