Porter Mentorship Program

destination: porter

Porter Airlines recognizes that Flight Training Units like the Brampton Flight College (BFC) are now producing job-ready pilots.  The destination: porter provides the opportunity for graduates to engage with highly-skilled pilots and partner with a mentor. Successful candidates of the program with between 1,000 – 1,500 flight hours are guaranteed an interview for a First Officer position. Porter employs many graduates of the BFC flight training programs and they have proven to be valued team members. BFC advanced professional pilot programs include training and hands on experience on a full flight simulator.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Porter Airlines and the Brampton Flight College for the recruitment of pilots from the Integrated Airline Transport Pilots Licence Program (IATPL). In addition, BFC and Porter have agreed to explore opportunities for collaboration in other areas of employee recruitment, apart from Pilot hiring, including Customer Service Representatives, Ramp Attendants, Aircraft Maintenance Personnel and Management.

The BFC is very excited about the opportunities that destination: porter will provide to our graduates. We are committed to building new pathways to success for our students and members through collaboration and alliances with industry partners and our community.

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