1st Solos

Going Solo is the first major milestone in learning to fly. As pilots, it is a proud moment that we will never forget.

Congratulations to the following BFC Students on their First Solo Flight!

Fernando Santana 
Sandeep Kaur

Mohanad Algalali 

Aiden Duong
Albert Harris
Alexander Guerrero 
Amiel Balanlayos
Batuan (Brent) Ozdemir
Connor Anastas
Daniel Star
Keanu Cabral-Pereira
Mohammad Areeb 
Sean Boychuk
Sahil Sadioura
Thomas Coleman
Victoria McDonnell
Virjesh Brar

Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.