1st Solos

Joana Ehman, Taildragger First Solo
Student of Flight Instructor, Peter Foster

Baron Alloway

Going Solo is the first major milestone in learning to fly. As pilots, it is a proud moment that we will never forget.

Congratulations to the following BFC Students on their First Solo Flight!

Mike Kohen  
Yashan Kabir 
Chris Jefferson 
Allan Harvey
Janel De La Cruz
Derek Clee
Matheo Petgrave
Keanu Cabral-Pereira

Baron Alloway (second picture above)
Luka Draganic
Priyanka Bhasin

Anjum Syed
Yikang Jin
Andrew Baird

Joana Ehman (top first picture above) Taildragger First Solo

December 2023
Rohan Kulkarni
Vagif Gilels  
Edwin Alegre

February 2024
Pui Yin Chong

Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.