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Membership Benefits and Fees

The Brampton Flying Club (BFC) is a private club that exists strictly for its associates and members. Today the club has close to 1300 associate/members and owns 240 acres of valuable land and assets. BFC is the only flying club in Canada to own its own airport. Everything that you see has been accomplished through careful planning and sound financial control. Many residents, dedicated members and staff have contributed to the success and well being of this incredible aviation community.

The Club’s location is close to Toronto and the Ontario network of 400-series highways. Members have access to a modern airport and facility, well-maintained equipment, qualified instructional staff, study areas, state of the art classrooms, computers, educational aids, a maintenance facility, hangars, fuel, parts, pilot shop, lounge, restaurant, and free parking.

The airport community is vibrant. There are social events, educational opportunities and much camaraderie. It is a unique and wonderful atmosphere for learning and sharing for aviation enthusiasts of any age.

The Brampton Flying Club depends on associate/membership fees to maintain the airport and facilities, and depends on its associates/members to plan for the future. We hope you agree that it is a privilege to be an associate/member of the BFC, and that the annual fee is a very reasonable investment.


  • Associate
  • Family Associate
  • Sustaining Member


Admission: The Membership Committee Chairman, as the appointed representative of the Board of Directors, approves admission of a new Associate.

Qualifications: An Associate must complete an Associate application form, pay the annual membership fee, and provide proof of financial responsibility via valid credit card or funds on deposit. Please note associate/memberships are non-refundable.

Annual Fees: Associate fees are to be paid on the anniversary of each individual’s membership start date. Initiation fee (new associates only)  is $25.00. Annual fee is $185.00.

Family Associates

A Family Associate is an Associate’s spouse, or child 18 & under living at home.  The Family Associate fee is $50.00.

Sustaining Members

Role: A Sustaining Member is a voting member of the Brampton Flying Club.

Admission: Any Associate may be considered for a Sustaining Membership provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Shall be in good standing (fully paid associate for a minimum of the immediately preceding three consecutive years)
  • Apply to the Board of Directors Membership Chairman and include Curriculum Vitae
  • Must be nominated by two Sustaining Members
  • Pay the prescribed initiation fee
  • Continue to maintain a General Membership

Sustaining Membership Fee: To be paid upon submission of the Sustaining Membership nomination form. Initiation Fee is $200.00.

Nominator Responsibility: To aid the Board of Directors, each nominating Sustaining Member will include a written recommendation as to why they believe the nominee should be considered as a Sustaining Member.

Qualifications: The Associate should have a strong interest in the welfare of the Brampton Flying Club. Some of the preferred qualifications include good judgment, integrity, business knowledge, maturity and a willingness to work in harmony for the advancement of the Brampton Flying Club.

Review Process and Acceptance: To determine the suitability of an applicant, the Board of Directors will:

  • Review the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae
  • Review the nominators’ letters
  • Conduct an interview with the applicant

Admission as a Sustaining Member will be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Obligations: A Sustaining member is obligated to attend the Annual Sustaining Members Meeting (AGM) and is encouraged to attend other Sustaining Members meetings. They should also be willing to serve on the Board of Directors.

A Sustaining Member attaining the age of sixty (60) and having ten (10) years or more of membership as a Sustaining Member is eligible to apply to the Board of Directors to become a “fully paid-up” Sustaining Member for Life. All applications must be approved at a properly constituted meeting of the Directors. There is no fee. Applicants who have been approved under this section, shall retain the right to one vote at each meeting of the club.

Life Associates

Life Associates shall be persons admitted as such by the Board of Directors and who have paid the entrance fee fixed by the Board. Fee is $3700.

Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.