Noise Abatement

The Brampton Flying Club has always endeavoured to be a good neighbour to the residents surrounding our airport. Pilots and visiting aircraft are asked to be familiar with posted Noise Abatement Procedures and to consider the privacy of areas, outlined below, while operating their aircraft.

Noise Sensitive Local Areas

Avoid flying directly over Inglewood, Cheltenham, Terra Cotta, Belfountain and the Caledon Estates on top of the ridge. Also, please avoid flying directly over residential areas to the north, like Mono Mills near Hwy 9 and Airport Road.

Avoid flying low around built up areas. Noise from light aircraft can cause damage to flocks of poultry, cattle, horses, and fur-bearing animals when confined.

Areas to Avoid

    • The Horse Farm/Equestrian Centre on the west side of McLaughlin Road, 1000′ north of King St., (
    • Homes and Estates in the Cataract area. The high properties directly south and east of the Cataracts are a problem area. Please avoid flying over these homes.
    • Valleywood Estates east of Hwy 10, north of Mayfield ( )


Helicopters should avoid over-flying houses and farm buildings while arriving and departing. Approach via standard circuits and hover-taxi to helicopter apron. Areas to avoid: The horse farm on west side of Hwy 10 off 08, the west side of McLaughlin Road, 1000′ north of King St., Homes and Estates in the Cataract area Valleywood Estates east of Hwy 10, north of Mayfield, and as always avoid flying directly over Inglewood, Cheltenham and Belfountain. The high properties directly south and east of the Cataract are a problem area. Please avoid flying over these homes.

Departing Runway 33

Always climb 500′ AGL (1400′ ASL) of higher before turning crosswind or enroute. Shortly after liftoff make a gentle turn to track 320 magnetic to avoid flying directly over the 3 houses on the extended runway centre-line. Do not cross over McLaughlin Road until at least 500′ AGL (1400′ ASL) and clear of built up areas.

Departing Runway 26

Maintain runway heading, avoiding houses both on the north and south of the extended centre-line, then track 270 magnetic to avoid the two farms on the 2nd line and turn prior to the large horse farm on the 3rd line.  Valleywood Estates  is a noise-sensitive neighbourhood located east of Hwy 10 and north of Mayfield Road. Circuits for Rwy 26 are by far the most challenging for noise abatement. Where possible, avoid base leg turns directly over this area.

Departing Runway 15

Maintain runway track till 500′ AGL (1400′ ASL). Try to begin your crosswind leg before the first side road south of the airport called Old School Road.

Departing Runway 08

Maintain runway track till 500′ AGL (1400′ ASL) avoiding houses on Hwy 10 to the north of track. Try to avoid flying over Kennedy Road, between Old School and just North of King Street.


Try to avoid flying patterns directly over 2nd line west (Rwy 33) and 1st line east (Rwy 15). Properly flown circuits off Rwy 15 should produce a cross-wind leg well to the north of Valleywood.

Helpful References

Transport Canada – VFR Circuit Procedures at Uncontrolled Airports: PDF tc_vfr-circuit-pattern

Note: The following is for general information only. Pilots should refer to the Canada Flight Supplement and the appropriate aviation charts and publications.

Circuit Pattern – Runway 33 Brampton-Caledon Airport: Runway 33

Circuit Pattern – Runway 15 Brampton-Caledon Airport: Runway 15

Circuit Pattern – Runway 26 Brampton-Caledon Airport: Runway 26

Circuit Pattern – Runway 08 Brampton-Caledon Airport: Runway 08

Map of Noise Sensitive Areas: Hot Spot Map

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