Living in Canada

There are many items that you will want to consider before starting your flight training in another country. You will want to research how easy it will be for you to access the flight school from where you plan to reside. Please note that while the flight school is located on the outskirts of Brampton (north of Brampton in Caledon, Ontario – it is advantageous as it takes us less flight time to get to our practice area to practice our flight lessons and therefore will save some costs compared to flight schools located directly in a high residential area).

Accommodations and Transportation

Accommodations, transportation and medical insurance are the responsibility of the student to arrange.

We have listed some helpful information below but please note that BFC does not endorse the following sites:



Please note that we DO NOT recommend for students to walk to school or ride their bicycle. Public transportation is not available directly to the flight school and the distance from the last stop in Brampton is over 7km away.

A number of our international students have obtained their own Canadian drivers licence and purchased a car. If you wish to pursue this as an option, refer to Drivers Licence in Canada.

Many of our students also carpool together and this is often arranged on your own after settling in.

Personal Insurance

It is highly recommended that students have insurance coverage. Many of our international students have used Guard.Me

For other options you may want to Google: Student insurance in Canada