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Notice for Tax Returns

Changes made by the CRA’s Tuition Tax Receipt for 2023 and going forward, we will require flight schools to issue the T2202 form. The new rules stipulate that tax receipts are to be issued for qualifying students. In order to be considered a qualifying student: an individual must spend not less than 12 hours in the month on courses in the program. Ground school, flight training and ground briefings will all count towards the 12 hour minimum IF done at the same school. If you are training at two schools simultaneously or conducting ground school online with another flight school, these hours will not count towards your “Program”. For this reason, the tax receipt that will be sent to CRA will only take into account the fees paid for the months at Brampton Flight Centre that you are quantified as a qualifying student. Please also note that to qualify for a program, the course must be more than 3 weeks in duration.

For more information about the CRA directives please visit here.

Qualifying students are required to complete a tax information form and submit it to our the Flight Training Administrative Office Attn Rita. This form will be used to send the correct information to the CRA. This information will be needed before the end of each calendar year.

As this form includes private information, please bring the form to the Brampton Flight Centre in-person to Rita.

If you have previously filled out an application and your address has changed, please be sure to advise the Flight Training Administrative office accordingly.

In the event that you have time from 2023 or prior to claim, you will need to reach out to [email protected] to request a tax receipt as 2022 or prior will require the TL11B receipt to be issued.

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