International Students

Greetings from Canada!  Thank you for your interest in the Brampton Flight Centre.

The Brampton Flight Centre’s International Admissions is CLOSED TEMPORARILY to all International Students.

We will not be accepting further applications for international students that need to travel from abroad. If you are an international student that has already received an acceptance letter from our Flight Training Administrator, that acceptance will be honoured.

The Brampton Flight Centre looks forward to seeing and having you here with us in the future!

We are very proud to have trained numerous international students over the years.

There are a number of reasons why so many international students consider our flight school for their training, including the following:

1) We do not charge any additional flight training fees to our international students in comparison to our local students.

2) We have hired international students, and currently have several international students working for us.

3) Our licenses comply with ICAO standards, and are therefore recognized by other countries that issue ICAO licenses.

4) Our flight school provides the infrastructure necessary to support the multitude of students training at any given time.

5) Our flexible business hours (open for more than 14 hours a day, 7 days a week) can accommodate most students’ schedules.

6) There are a variety of different airspace classifications close by, allowing students to experience both controlled and uncontrolled environments.

7) Canada’s diverse weather allows our pilots to fly in conditions that they may not experience in other countries. Our pilots generally experience daylight visual conditions for the most part, but as they advance in their training they learn how to deal with changing weather or reduced visibility conditions, and are able to experience actual IMC.

8) Our practice area is located close to our flight school.

9) Canada is a diverse and multi-cultural country.

10) Course costs can be substantially less compared to some foreign countries, particularly when you take foreign currency conversion into account.

If you are interested in conducting your training at the Brampton Flight Centre, please contact [email protected]

In order to proceed you will need to fill out the International Student Application Form.

Please also refer to the article on Visa Information in the menu at left for more information on international student applications.