Written Exams (Transport Canada) at BFC

BFC is approved to administer TC Written Exams
We conduct exams for non-BFC students as well as for our own students. The exams we have the authority to invigilate are:

  • Recreational Pilot Permit – Aeroplane
  • Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane
  • Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane
  • FAA Conversion to Canadian standards
  • Ultra Light Pilot Permit
  • Glider Pilot Licence
  • Gyroplane Pilot Licence
  • Balloon Pilot Licence

Pre-Scheduled Appointment Required
Pre-scheduled appointment is required. Typically offer exams Monday to Friday during the day.

To request a date, please email Judy Piccioni at [email protected]

Able to Schedule Before Receiving Recommend Letter
You can book an appointment in advance. Typically required to book 1-2 weeks in advance. However some last minute reservations are available. Able to book exam prior to receiving recommend letter.

Cost of exam is $150 plus tax. Link to pay will be provided upon confirmation of your scheduled appointment.

Documents Required After Confirmed Appointment
– Letter of recommend from instructor (validity of 60 days)
– Valid medical certificate (COVID exemptions in effect)
– Valid Photo ID
– Proof of payment
– Proof of flight experience (Logbook or PTR)
– Proof of recommending instructor (recommending instructor of written exam)

Additional Information
– Test conducted on computer
– Results provided immediately following exam

Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.