Sightseeing Flights Now Available

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For all Sightseeing & Introductory Flights ***Proof of double vaccine will be required.***

Sightseeing Flight Tours NOW AVAILABLE for Booking. We welcome the public to come visit us. You can have the opportunity to try a flight without any commitment of signing up as a member.

Mini Sightseeing Flight

The Introductory Sightseeing Flight allows you to experience the thrill and adventure of flight and take up to three passengers (depending on weight). This 30 minute flight will take you over the beautiful Caledon countryside and hills of the Niagara Escarpment. Cost $140.00 plus HST includes seats for up to 3 passengers.

Mega Sightseeing Flight

Our Sightseeing Flights allow you to see the world from a perch that few get to enjoy and take up to three passengers (depending on weight). Whether it’s a flight over the city, around the CN tower, Niagara Falls or the local countryside, bring your camera and enjoy the ride. A one-hour flight costs $280.00 plus tax and includes seats for up to 3 passengers.


Introductory Flight

The Intro Flight is for those considering learning to fly. This introduction to the thrill and adventure of flying with you as the pilot has long been the standard for pilots to be. Your Transport Canada approved flight instructor will guide you through what is involved in learning to fly, give you a tour of the BFC facilities and share a 20 minute flight with you at the controls. A post flight briefing will follow so all of your questions can be answered. The Classic Introductory Flight costs $130.00 plus tax and the flight is for one person only.

For more information about our Introductory Flight please click HERE!

Full Motion Simulator

Another option is to try out our Full-Motion Redbird Simulator (FMX 1000). The Redbird FMX is a full motion, 3 axis, Flight Training Device. It allows the pilot to feel the real sensations of flight without ever having to leave the ground. It can be tested out by anyone 12 years and older. The cost is $100.00 plus tax for a half an hour. This simulator experience will introduce you to the concepts of flight preparation, some basic flight maneuvers and navigation. You will learn the introductory skills of flying, including take-off and landing.

School Tours
*Currently not offered due to COVID restrictions

Our hours are 8a.m. to 10p.m. 7 days a week. We are only closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day, which allows us to fly all year. We operate with over 35 Flight Instructors and 27 aircraft, including single engine, retractable gear, twin engine, and a tail wheel dragger. The Brampton Flying Club is one of the largest Flight Training Facilities in Canada, and we operate out of our own airport.  Brampton Flying Club has been conducting tours for school groups and recreational groups for many years. Whether addressing the topics of the grade six aviation curriculum, or helping young Scouts or Girl Guides receive their aviation badge, or simply for a kids birthday party, our group tours can be modified to suit almost any age or group.

Visitors are also able to arrange flights as part of their tour.  A single engine aircraft carrying three students will make a 20-25 minute flight over the Caledon Hills.

Walking Tour – 1.5 Hours
*Currently not offered due to COVID restrictions

1) Short presentation on how aircraft fly, the parts of the aircraft, the phonetic alphabet, jobs in aviation, how to get a Pilot Licence, etc.

2) Tour of facilities, weather station, maintenance department, fueling station, etc.

3) Students will be able to sit in the cockpit of a real aircraft and move controls and view instrument panel (if available).

Charge for walking tours is $75.00 per group including tax. Payments can be made on the date of the trip, payable to the Brampton Flying Club. Group size is limited to a maximum of 30 including supervision staff.

Please contact the Flight Training Office for more information or to book your tour. You can reach Rita by emailing [email protected] or by calling 905-838-1400 ext 228.  Please note that prices are subject to change. Prices in effect 2021.