Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration (ALPD) Requirement

The introduction of aviation language proficiency standard by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is meant to ensure that flight crews and air traffic control personnel are proficient in conducting and comprehending radiotelephony communications in English or the language used for aviation communications between aircraft and ground stations. Transport Canada now annotates flight crew and air traffic controller licences to indicate the linguistic competence of the licence holder.

If you are not a Canadian citizen who has proof of conducting high school in Canada, you will need to schedule an Aviation Language Proficiency Test. Approved examiners are listed below. You can use an examiner from any region. The fee will generally be $100 and you can e-transfer the fee to the examiner. You are able to conduct the interview over the phone at Brampton Flight Centre but your identity will have to be verified and your ID and relevant information will have to be sent to the Examiner prior to the exam. The test will be tape recorded and it can take Transport Canada up to 30 days to verify the results.

      1. In order to proceed, you will need to fill out two forms
    • Next please have your flight instructor or an approved BFC admin staff to verify your ID and complete the rest of the form. You will be required to provide two pieces of photo ID for them to verify.
    • Have your verifier contact one of the approved examiners below (you can use an examiner from any region) to schedule a time that works with yourself, your verifier and the approved examiner.
    • Send fee to approved examiner.
    • Show up to BFC prior to your appointment time and please remember to bring your two pieces of approved ID.
Name Email Address Phone Number Region
Bergeron, Paul [email protected] 403-286-7186 Prairie and Northern Region
Booth, Nicholas [email protected] 519-648-3732 Ontario
Bourassa, André [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Bowditch, Gladys [email protected] No phone # listed Prairie and Northern Region
Braithwaite, Mark [email protected] 613-298-9178 Ontario
Duimel, Clark [email protected] 604-946-0011 Pacific Region
Favron, Daniel [email protected] 514-944-1493 Quebec
Gagnon, Louise [email protected] 514-239-3338 Quebec
Lorbetskie, Dave [email protected]  No phone # listed All Regions
MacGlaching, David [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Mahar, Laurie [email protected] No phone # listed Atlantic Region
Maracle, Jo-Anne [email protected] No phone # listed Ontario
Martin, Daniel [email protected] No phone number listed Quebec
Matrundola, Dario [email protected] 416-995-9464 Ontario
Mohr, Michael [email protected] 780-518-3793 Prairie and Northern Region
Nadon, Curtis [email protected] 403-286-7186 Prairie and Northern Region
Palmer, Graham [email protected] 250-656-2833 Pacific Region
Pietracupa, Frank [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Press, Cathy [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Rolland, Serge [email protected] 418-528-8393 Quebec
Scott, Jim [email protected] No phone # listed All Regions
Skutnik, Thiea [email protected] 204-339-6186 Prairie and Northern Region
Todd, Michel [email protected] 514-217-3150 Quebec
Wells, Sophia [email protected] 780-800-9639 Prairie and Northern Region