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The aviation sector for unmanned aircraft continues to proliferate. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are re-defining aerial activities, and broadening the definition of what it means to be a pilot. Unmanned: Textbook for RPAS Studies, continues to share that emerging world with its readers. Large and small, heavy and light, RPAS are an amazing new breed of aircraft with broad and multifaceted applications. Their pace of development continues to be expansive and rapid.

Unmanned, 2nd Edition has been significantly updated over the title’s 1st Edition. New content has been added to match the rules set out within Transport Canada’s Knowledge Requirements that came into force in June 2019, for RPAS up to 25 kg operating within Visual-Line-of-Sight (VLOS).

Subjects within Unmanned include: Evolution of RPAS, Regulations & Authorities, RPAS Classification, Command & Control, Situational Awareness, Types of RPAS Operations, Payloads, Power Sources, Launch & Control, Special Flight Operating Certificates, Fixed Wing RPAS, and Rotary Wing RPAS. Based on its parent publication, From the Ground Up from which it shares content, Unmanned also delves well into new subject areas that RPAS operators must now know to fly their systems legally in Canada. These subjects include: Theory of Flight, Aerodromes & Airspace, Aviation Weather, Air Navigation, Radio, Flight Operations, and Human Factors. Unmanned concludes with a comprehensive description of the Canadian Aviation Regulations governing the operation of RPAS in Canada. An RPAS Flight Review Preparation Guide now appears as a new Appendix. A Practice Exam with over 100 questions concludes the new content to the title.

Aviation Publishers is pleased to be offering this updated title for use within the training establishment of the continually emerging and evolving commercial RPAS industry.

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