Currency Requirements



As of September 1, 2016, BFC Renter Pilots require a Refresher Flight Card to rent BFC aircraft.

Many Associates and Members will qualify to hold the card without a refresher flight. Duty Managers and all instructors are able to issue the cards.

A current Renter File is required to hold a BFC Refresher Card. BFC requires the following to be on file.

  1. Copy of Aviation Document with Photo ID (Pilot Licence)
  2. Copy of Medical Certificate
  3. Rental Pilot Record Completed with Identification, Licence and Endorsements, Hours, Aircraft Types, Accident record if applicable, Refresher Training Record
  4. Applicable Pilot Checkout Records signed off by flight instructor
  5. Rental Pilot Record with BFC File review and Comments
  6. Copy of Refresher Card – Date of Completion, Expiry and Instructor Signature


The goal of the Refresher Flight Program at BFC is to ensure the ongoing safety of all the rental flights taking place from the club. Under previous policies, it was possible for a renter to go years without performing any upper air work or simulated emergencies but still maintain their currency. Under this program BFC hopes to ensure renter pilots stay proficient in all exercises without fear of ridicule or failure. It is meant to be fun while at the same time providing additional safety and protection for BFC assets.

Note: the Refresher Flight Program offered by BFC does not extend to pilot’s who are not current on BFC airplanes.


  1. What will happen on these refresher flights?    The flight will consist of airspeeds review, takeoff, steep turns, power off / on stalls, slow flight, spiral recovery, forced approach, circuit, approach, aim point, landing attitude, stabilized approach, touchdown, emergency procedures, shutdown, and radio procedures.
  2. When must the Renter have this completed?    All renters are asked to complete a Refresher Flight with an instructor by September 1st, 2016 unless they are subject to the exemptions. The flights are then valid for 2 years. You will receive a Refresher Flight Card stating the date of the flight and the date of expiry. This card must be shown to the Duty Manager (DM) prior to rental.
  3. Am I exempt from these refresher flights?    Many people who rent our aircraft already meet the standards for this program. Any Renter who has recently completed a checkout containing upper air work or a flight test will be considered to already have completed the Refresher Flight. They will be granted a 2-year currency based on the date of the checkout or flight test. Renters who qualify can see the front desk or manager to receive their Refresher Flight Card. Flights that qualify for this program include but are not limited to: Currency flights containing upper air work, G1000 Checkouts, PPL Flight Test, CPL Flight Test
  4. Is this a Flight Test?   This is in no way a flight test. If a renter is having difficulty with an exercise, then our instructors are encouraged to help in any way possible. However, by the end of the flight the instructor must feel that the renter is competent in all the necessary exercises.
  5. Who will pay for this flight?   Due to the nature of this program BFC is happy to cover the cost of the instructor during the refresher flights. This allows for no increased cost to the renter, as they will just be paying for the aircraft time, like any other rental flight. It will become a benefit of membership with the Brampton Flying Club.
  6. If I have any questions who do I see?   The Chief Flight Instructor at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your help in making this program a success and ensuring the safety of all flights leaving BFC.

How often do I have to fly to maintain currency, in addition to having a Refresher Card?

In general, the BFC separates Rental Pilot Currency status into two categories.

  1. If you are a pilot under 200 hours total time (TT)
  2. If you are a pilot over 200 hours TT and 50 hrs on type

For category number 1 in order for you to rent a BFC aircraft you need to have flown at least once within the last 30 days and have at least 3 hours of flight time within the last 90 days* on BFC aircraft. Therefore if you fly at least 1 hour every month your rental currency will not expire. Exception to this is the PA18 where pilots must have flown the aircraft in the last 15 days when they have under 100hrs TT.

For category number 2, in order for you to rent you have to have flown at least 3 hours in the last 90 days* and once in the last 60 days. Exception to this is the PA18 which has a maximum 30day currency requirement.

Note: currency for Cessna type’s flows from most advanced to least advanced.

If you are not current on BFC aircraft within 1 month, then you will have to complete a circuit check with an instructor in order to re-gain your currency to rent.

If you are not current on BFC aircraft between 1 and 6 months a more in-depth circuit check with engine failures must be completed.

If you are not current on BFC aircraft for at least 6 months, then a full upper air work review will be required.

*Any dual flight with a BFC instructor is considered to meet the 3 hrs in 90 day currency requirement


Cat A Cat B Cat C Cat D
C172 30 days 30 days 30 days 60 days
Tail Dragger 15 days* 30 days* 30 days* 30 days

*20kt wind limit

Category A Pilot – Less than 100 hours total time.
Category B Pilot – Between 100 and 200 hours total experience.
Category C Pilot – More than 200 hours total experience.
Category D Pilot – More than 200 hours total experience and
more than 50 hours on type.

Approved Currency – All pilots must have flown the aircraft type they are intending to rent as per the chart below and a minimum of 3 hours in the last 90 days.(up to the discretion of the CFI or Flight Instructor signing out the pilot). Note currency for Cessna type’s flows from most advanced to least advanced.

Cessna 182T G1000 Check Out


The C182 is the perfect aircraft for long trips or when transitioning from a small single aircraft to twin engine aircraft. Below are the BFC guidelines for those wishing to rent our C182.

Previous C182 or G1000 Experience – 3 Hour Checkout

    • Must have Minimum 5 Hours Previous Experience
    • Ground Briefing with BFC Instructor
    • Purchase C182T POH
    • Open Book POH Exam
    • Demonstrate Operational Competence

No Previous C182 or G1000 Experience – 5 Hour Checkout

    • Ground Briefing with BFC Instructor
    • Purchase C182T POH
    • Open Book POH Exam
    • Demonstrate Operational Competence


  1. POH and checklists are available at Humphrey’s Pilot Shop
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice
  3. The amount of flight training necessary fluctuates with each student

General Rental Pilot Booking Information

Renters are able to book any aircraft, other than the reserved 172R/S, on Flight Schedule Pro, online and 60 days out.

The BFC Rental Pilots have a Facebook Page for hooking up with each other. Please use it to arrange group fly outs, post photos, interesting links, education, questions and anything else you would like to share with this closed group related to renting aircraft and having fun. This is a great networking tool!


All rental bookings can be made online, through our front desk staff or by emailing Rita at [email protected]

Aircraft Availability for the Rental Pilot Community

One C172R/S has been denoted as an aircraft that is primarily accessible for rentals and rental refresher flights to be booked. Reservations can be made on this designated aircraft by changing the location to Brampton Rental Aircraft Only. To gain access to this option, you cannot be a student training towards a licence or rating. If you qualify but do not have access, please notify [email protected] for further assistance.


For Extended Rentals, you will need to reach out to our Dispatch/Customer Service team at ext. 0. You will also have to reach out to our Chief Flight Instructor Scott Chayko so that you can seek approval for the extended rental. Scott can be reached at [email protected].

Service Excellence

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to use our online Service Excellence Form.

Aircraft Rental – Links for BFC Associates and Members

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Rental Pilot and DM Checklist. Submitting Page 1 of this Form to the DM in advance of a booking will speed up the checkout process for Rental Pilots. Link Here 2018-10 Rental Pilot-DM Checklist

Flight Information and Rental Agreement Form – Front 2016 Flight Information and Rental Agreement  Back 2016 2. BFC Flight Information and Rental Agreement

BFC Checkout Form for Refresher Flights 3-checkout-form-refresher-flights

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NAV Canada Flight Plan Form 4-nav-canada-canadian-flight-plan-form

BFC Open Book Test for G1000 and C182T g1000-c182t-poh-test

For more information please contact Scott Chayko at [email protected] or  the Flight Training Office at 905 838 1400 Ext 228 or email [email protected]