VFR Over-the-Top

Flight Training

The prerequisite for this is a Private Pilot Licence and a valid Category I or III medical, however this rating is automatic within a Commercial Licence. This rating allows flying on top of cloud (day cruise portion only) instead of by visual reference to the ground. A minimum of 15 hours Dual instrument time is required, of which up to 5 hours may be in a simulator.


Topics include:

  • Review of airspace classification and operating procedures within Canadian domestic Airspace,
  • The stability of the air masses affecting the flight,
  • Weather trends and the suitability of departure, enroute and destination weather for the time of the flight,
  • The bases and tops of cloud layers using the area forecast and understanding their significance to VFR OTT flight,
  • The control and performance instruments,
  • Scanning techniques,
  • Applying the scanning pattern,
  • Terminology,
  • Human factors – How human factors topics such as hypoxia, judgment, decision making, disorientation and cockpit resource management apply to VFR OTT flying. Explanation of illusory sensations that may occur when flying above or between layers of cloud and how to cope with them,
  • Show how to obtain ADF, VOR or GPS information from aeronautical charts,
  • The use of ADF, VOR or GPS to: Locate the aircraft’s position, Home to the station or waypoint, Track to eliminate drift, Intercept a pre-determined track or radial and fly to the station or waypoint, Intercept a pre-determined track or radial and fly outbound from the station or waypoint, Identify station passage.

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