Awards! Annual Wings Banquet

Each year the Brampton Flight Centre honours the accomplishments of our graduating pilots at the Annual Wings Banquet. The event normally takes place sometime during the winter. This year it will be held on Saturday April 4th, 2020.

The evening will include a graduate recognition ceremony, dinner,  guest speaker(s), award presentations, and dancing afterwards. For a list of 2019 Graduates please visit Wings Banquet 2020

Our graduating students, their proud parents and families, along with our instructing team, look forward to this important event each year. By rewarding excellence and achievement we encourage continued learning, skill development and continue to meet our mission to Educate, Enable and Inspire our Community to Achieve their Dreams in Aviation!

As a 70th Anniversary initiative, we have listed the names displayed on each one of our award trophies below. It is fun to see who the award winners have been over the years and to know what direction their career paths they have taken. Many of you may recognize the names, as many are current members and instructors at the Brampton Flying Club today.  Congratulations to all! 

Annual Awards

Kenneth Yates awards the Youngest Pilot award to Nathan Chetram. (2018)

 The R.A.A. Award

Presented Annually to the Youngest Pilot who has graduated in the previous year.

Kavita Ramgarib – 2019

Brampton Flying Club Top Recreational Graduate

The following are some of the recipients of this top award: 2008-Craig Trimble, 2006-Walter Korobalo, 2005-Tamara Caldwell, 2004-Colin MacKenzie, 2003-Alex Kaminskyi, 2002-Tiffany Shaw, 2001-Rob Horodenka, 2000-Clare Wright, 1999-Wayne Harvey, 1998-George Lunys

Dishan Wijesinghe presents the Bonnie Rampulla Award to Kristen Holm. (2018)

 Bonnie Rampulla Memorial Award

Awarded Annually to Brampton’s Top Female Graduate of the Private Pilot Course. Based on highest average score, based on the flight test mark and the written examination mark within the previous year. The following are some of the recipients of this award:

Heather Hills – 2019, Kristen Holm -2018, 2017- Caitlin MacGillivray, 2016-Jennie Paznar, 2015-Monica Del Solar, 2014-Stefanie Pemberton, 2013-Hiral Patel, 2012-Teresa Zasowski, 2011-Jessica Saigle, 2010-Carolyn Marshall, 2009-Holly Johnson, 2008-Marta Siekanowicz, 2007-Astha Kapoor, 2006-Sara Rependa, 2005-Courtney Adams, 2004-Marsha Mallo, 2003-Yoon Jung Lee, 2002-Janice Vernon, 2001-NA, 2000-Melonie Friesen, 1999-Kathy Sutton, 1998-Nanci Thomas, 1997-Kathy Wallace, 1996-Carole Smith, 1995-Jennifer Beverley, 1994-NA, 1993-Eila Doma, 1992-Leili Foster, 1991-Indra Thind, 1990-Pat Bechberger, 1989-Sharon McCleave, 1988-NA, 1987-Melissa Kahle, 1986-Ann Macdonald, 1985-Deborah Horen, 1984-Teresa Dixon, 1983-Nancy Warren, 1982-Shannon Flemming, 1981-Carisa Burton, 1980-Marlene Case, 197- Louise Blais, 1979-Susann Horvath, 1978-Tricia Warriner, 1977-Heather Bonfield, 1976-NA, 1975-Sue Horner, 1974-Kim Goodine

Gulie Marzoli presents the Top PPL Graduate Award to Anthony Wang. (2018)

Brampton Flying Club Top Private Graduate Award

Presented annually to the pilot who has the highest average score, based on the Flight Test Mark and the Written Examination Mark within the previous year. The following are some of the recipients of this top award: 2019 – Jason Chan, 2018- Anthony Wang, 2017- Thulasiram (Tom) Kumaran, 2016-Darren Moorcroft, 2015- Jason Hoffmann, 2014-Bryan Halfyard, 2013-Scott Heyman, 2012-Gulishan Abaz Khan, 2011-Sailesh Varsani, 2010-Carolyn Marshall, 2009-Elliott O’Brien, 2008-Sacha Djordjevic, 2007-Andrew Midcalf, 2006-Russell D’Souza, 2005-Francis Yannuzzi, 2004-Gregory Haupt, 2004-Daniel Bernier, 2003-Ken Broekaert, 2002-Jeff Wraight, 2001-Jeff Sensenstein, 2000-Tony Frank, 1999-Jason Fournier, 1998-David Ridding, 1997-Tim Middleton, 1997-LinoPortelli, 1996-Ray Neill, 1995-Doug Thompson, 1993-Miguel Calvin, 1992-Brian McCabe, 1991-Wayne Bagnell, 1990-Andrew Kent, 1989-NA, 1988-Chris Aylesworth, 1987-“Ted” James Miller, 1986-Gregory Taylor

Kathleen Nazareth presents the Charter Members Award to Erik Bazant. (2018)

Brampton Flying Club Charter Members Award

Highest Average Mark on Commercial – Written Flight Test. The following are some of the recipients of this award: 2019- Thomas Varep-Popov, 2018- Erik Bazant, 2017- Jonathan Littler, 2016-Darren Moorcroft, 2015-Allan Paige, 2014-Stefanie Pemberton, 2013-Daniel Bovair, 2012-David Price, 2011-Lindsay Bellinger, 2010-Andrew Ball, 2009-Brick Henderson, 2008-Trishul Solanki, 2007-Sandeep Nagpal, 2006-Francis Yannuzzi, 2005-Melanie Brouillette, 2004-Larry Gayowsky, 2004-Andrew Bilyk, 2003-Skip LaBelle, 2002-Ali Sadeghi, 2001-Rob Klein, 2000-Tony Frank, 1999-Jason Whitfly, 1998-Ian Wilson, 1997-Tim Middleton, 1995-George Hawkes, 1994-Ulf Hermansson, 1993-Craig Avis, 1992-Robert Mangoni, 1991-Mike Krupka, 1990-Michael Griffin, 1989-James Manning, 1988-Martin Gyoroky, 1987-Richard McDole, 1986-David Ahmad, 1985-Marvin Hicke, 1984-Ed Struzynski, 1983-S. Henderson, 1982-John Whittaker, 1981-Lucas Dmysh, 1980-Reid Walfer, 1979-Susann Horvath, 1979-James Anderson, 1978-Richard Morgan, 1977-Bob Harkness, 1974-Graham Wilkinson, 1973-NA, 1972-Doug Carnegie

Joanne Hernandez presents the Ryan Sumere Memorial Award to Madeeha Khan. (2018)

The Ryan Sumere Memorial Award

Created to recognize pilot/student with an outstanding effort learning to fly or upgrading skills with a passion for aviation at the Brampton Flying Club. The following are the recipients of this award:2019- Anumol Vincent, 2018- Madeeha Khan, 2017- Thomas Varep-Popov, 2016-Rodney Millington, 2015-Anthony Dipietrantonio, 2014-Odulaja Olasubomi, 2013-Prateek Konnur, 2012-Louis Nyarko-Mensah, 2011-Farhan Ali Khan, 2010-Teesha Pradhan, 2009-Bryan Gordon, 2008-Veronica Draghici, 2007-Dilshan Bhandal, 2006-Anand Roopchand

Dishan Wijesinghe presents the Rick Wynott Memorial Award to Marco Febbraro. (2018)

 The Rick Wynott Aviation Memorial Award

Created to recognize the Commercial pilot/student with an outstanding effort learning to fly or upgrading skills with a passion for aviation at the Brampton Flying Club. The following are some of the recipients of this award: 2019- Erica Joung, 2018- Marco Febbraro, 2017-Anthony Luna, 2016-Carlo Carestia, 2015-Neil Mont, 2014-Patrick Colman, 2013-Zachary Lewycky, 2012-Christine Seepersad, 2011-Farhan Khan, 2010-David Lewis, 2009-Daniel Cumming, 2008-Andrew Midcalf, 2007-Paul Day, 2006-Michael Caspar, 2005-Sundeep Nagra

This award was created in memory of Rick Wynott and his contributions to the Brampton Flying Club for more than three decades. Rick began working on flight line in  1974, learned to fly and became CFI in 1976. In 2003, Rick moved in to the position of General Manager. Rick was an outstanding flight instructor. He managed tremendous growth of the BFC flight school and he was a driving force in shaping the face of flight instruction within general aviation in Canada. He met his wife Brenda at the flying club. Together the couple worked for the members of the Brampton Flying Club for nearly 60 years. 

Scott Chayko awards the Bud Young award to Ronald Hamang. (2018)

The Bud Young Award

Presented Annually by the Chief Flight Instructor to Brampton’s Most Outstanding Flight Instructor. This award was created to honour Bud Young, the first Flight Instructor of the Brampton Flying Club. The following are some of the recipients of this prestigious award:2019- Kathleen Nazareth, 2018-Ron Hamang, 2017- Veronica Draghici, 2016-Mohammed Nakhuda, 2015-Bryan Halfyard, 2014-Wilfred “Skip” LaBelle, 2013-Trishul Solanki, 2012-Giuliana ‘Julie” Marzoli, 2011-Nick Faber, 2010-David Shakespeare, 2009-Jon Isaac, 2008-Andrew Midcalf, 2007-Charles Rampulla, 2006-Ryan Sumere, 2005-Jeff Wraight, 2004-Brian DuSart, 2004-Ken Lam, 2003-Robert Klein, 2002-Robert Carney, 2001-Mark Cameron, 2000-Shayne Jacobs, 1999-NA, 1998-Haron Salatian, 1997-Edward Pasquale, 1996-Michelle Pulley, 1995-Ken Vella, 1994-Steve Cantwell, Sarah Stephens, 1993-Catherine Thomas, 1992-Mike Krupka, 1991-NA, 1990-Mark Yandle, 1989-Chris Flood


John Gronlund presents the Porter Star Award to Shuzhou He. (2018)

The Porter Star Award

The Porter Airlines Star Award goes to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, and more importantly finds the time in their busy schedule to help others succeed and achieve their academic and flying goals. 2019- Jared Hill, 2018- Shuzhou He, 2017- Luca Di Bratto, 2016-Darren Moorcroft.



Peter Batten presents the Jazz Award for Professionalism to Shuzhou He. (2018)

The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism

Awarded to a full-time student in the final year of the IATPL program for outstanding contributions to safety, leadership and professionalism. 2019- Olivier Dyason, 2018- Shuzhou He, 2017- Peter Audia





Peter Batten presents The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity to Sarah Azrak 2017

The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity

Awarded to a full-time student in the final year of the IATPL program who has self-identified as an Aboriginal, a person with a disability, a visible minority or female and for outstanding contributions to safety, leadership and professionalism. 2019- Rushabh Shah, 2018- Calvin D’Souza, 2017- Sarah Azrak