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These rules will come into effect  June 1, 2019. (Until then you must follow the current rules.) These are also taught in our courses.

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Drones are aircraft—which makes you a pilot. When you fly your drone, you’re sharing the skies with other drones and aircraft.

In Canada, there are 2 main categories of drone operations: Basic and Advanced. Each one has a different set of rules drone pilots must follow.The weight of your drone, distance from bystanders and airspace rules define your category. The rules do not treat people who fly drones for fun or for business differently.

The use of RPAS (Drones) has increased exponentially over the past few years both recreationally and commercially. With the June 1st implementation of strict Transport Canada regulations and requirements for both Basic and Advanced RPAS pilots understanding  these complex regulations and knowledge requirements  has become difficult. It is Critical to understand what is required of you as an RPAS Pilot.

Transport Canada now requires both Basic and Advanced operators to take an online exam  and for Advanced operators you are required to take a flight test. For Advanced operators to remain certified, you will need to keep your skills up to date. If you let your skills lapse for more than 2 years, you may lose your certification. This cycle follows a recurring 2 year basis. For holders of the Pilot Certificate – Advanced operations, the cycle begins the day you receive your certificate.

The Brampton Flight Centre is uniquely positioned to deliver both Basic and Advanced comprehensive RPAS courses , that will enable RPAS pilots to learn not only the Regulations for flying your  drone, but will prepare  you fro the Transport Canada exams and for advanced operators the  flight review. The Program will be taught by Both Qualified Flight instructors and Commercial RPAS Pilots. With many hours of Flight experience.

f you meet all 3 of these conditions, you’re conducting basic operations:

  • You fly it in uncontrolled airspace
  • You fly it more than 30 metres (100 feet) horizontally from bystanders
  • You never fly it over bystanders

If you do not meet any 1 of these 3 conditions, you are conducting advanced operations.

Advanced operations

If you meet any 1 of these conditions, you are conducting advanced operations:

  • You want to fly in controlled airspace
  • You want to fly over bystanders
  • You want to fly within 30 metres (100 feet) of bystanders (measured horizontally)

For advanced operations, here are some of the rules you must follow:

  • Register your drone with Transport Canada before you fly it for the first time
  • Mark your drone with its registration number
  • Pass the Small Advanced Exam
  • Pass a flight review with a flight reviewer
  • Be able to show your Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations and proof of registration when you fly your drone
  • Fly within the operational limits of your drone

Our Programs  include the TP15263E knowledge requirements for Advanced and Basic  Operations.  including the required ROC-A radio exam for Advanced operators.

  • Note Flight Reviews are conducted by our certified Brampton Flight Center Flight Reviewers and are not included in the cost of these courses. Persons requiring a flight review should contact us  directly to set up an appointment. At that time we will discuss what you will be required to provide at the time of the review.
  • If you require actual  hands on flight training this can be arranged and you should contact us directly for details and cost.

You can register  for the Advanced course online on the BFC Pilot Shop website In-House RPAS courses at the Brampton Flight Centre or click on the following link.


The cost of  the Advanced course $579.00 plus tax. The course takes place over a four  day period. Dates for the Advanced are shown in the order area of the Humphrey’s Pilot Shop website , or by clicking on the above link.

Foreign Operators Filming in Canada

All foreign operators who wish to fly RPAS in Canada(Drones)  Must meet the following  requirements from Transport Canada. The individuals or companies must first take a Transport Canada TP15263  Ground School from a recognized  TC self declared School.  They must also  pass a flight review  and acquire an SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada. The SFOC Process can take up to 30 working days.

The Brampton Flight Center Specializes in custom programs for foreign operators and  Canadian based companies. For more information regarding these programs  and options contact us  by phone or email.

The Brampton Flight Centre offers individual and Corporate RPAS Training packages designed to meet Transport Canada Regulations for sRPAS 250 gm to 25 kg. Our classes prepare you for the Basic and Advanced Transport Canada Exams. We Provide a Flight Review Prep Course as well as conduct Flight Reviews.

All of our instructors have many years of experience in aviation and RPAS Operations at an industry level.

We offer detailed consulting services to the RPAS industry including building SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) for individuals, companies and organizations.  We also offer consultation services on obtaining SFOC’s (Special Flight Operations Certificates)

Some of our Clients include:

Bird Construction

Brock University

Crosslinx Transit Solutions

Greycell Inc.

Honda Canada

Infrastructure Ontario

Kubalistic Productions Inc.

Radiation Solutions

Ray Catchers Sun Sails

Region of Peel

We are South Productions (Chile)

If you have any further  questions  feel free to contact:

Richard Hubley

Manager RPAS Programs

Brampton Flight Centre

[email protected]

Phone: 905 838-1400 ext 214