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Professional RPAS Operators Course


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Our sRPAS Professional program not only prepares you for the Transport Canada Advanced sRPAS exam, but also dives deeper into the post-production and operational business and marketing side of your RPAS.


This program is a 7-day comprehensive full package, which includes all of the following subjects and operations.


Part 1 includes the following subjects

  • New Regulations June 1st, 2019
  • The Future of RPAS in Canada
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations Part IX
  • RPAS Care and Maintenance
  • Basic and Advanced Operations
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Safe Flying Procedures
  • Flight Controls
  • Flight Planning
  • Video and Imaging Software and Techniques (Basic)
  • LiPo Batteries Storage and Transport
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Multi-Person Operations
  • SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) for Commercial UAS Pilots
  • Fines and Consequences of unsafe flying.
  • Administration and Compliance
  • FPV and Night Flying (lighting requirements)
  • Payloads
  • Flight Termination Systems and Procedures
  • Operations in Controlled Airspace
  • Record keeping and Documentation.
  • Recency Requirements
  • Advanced Operations
  • Basic Operations
  • Airframes, Power Plants and Propulsion Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Software for RPAS Control
  • Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) Requirements
  • Brushless Motors
  • Visual Observers
  • Operational Failures and Management
  • Winter Operations
  • Launch Systems
  • Battery Care and Maintenance
  • CRM (Crew Resource Management)
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Penalties for Non-Compliance
  • Flight Reviews and Flight Reviewers

Part 2 includes the following subjects

  • Navigation
  • Human Factors
  • Air law (CARs)
  • Meteorology
  • Aeronautics
  • Radio Telephonyand the Radio exam for Aviation if requested

Part 3 includes the following subjects

  • Video and Still Photography in the Air Concepts and Methods
  • Platform photography Software
  • Platform Photography General Overview
  • Video Photography Lighting and filters
  • Video Photography Postproduction from Drone to Client
  • Video Photography Software

Part 4 includes the following subjects

  • Flight Basics
  • RPAS Systems
  • Advanced maneuvers
  • Set-up for RPAS operations
  • Site Surveys
  • Visual Observers
  • Communications

Part 5 includes the following subjects

  • RPAS as a Business
  • Best Practices
  • Networking
  • Building your reputation
  • Marketing your business