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Covers all of the following subjects:

  • Theory of flight RPAS fixed wing aircraft
  • Theory of flight RPAS helicopter
  • Theory of flight RPAS quadcopter
  • RPAS battery systems and Power supply units
  • RPAS navigation principles and calculations
  • CFS (Canada Flight Supplement)
  • General meteorology
  • RPAS sensors
  • RPAS remote controllers
  • RPASV GPS and radio frequencies
  • RPAS air regulations
  • RPAS navigation maps (VNC, VTA)
  • RPAS flight computer calculations
  • RPAS operational limitations
  • RPAS radio certificate questions
  • RPAS components and electrical systems
  • RPAS practical navigation exercises
  • RPAS calibration and UAV flight operations
  • RPAS weight and balance calculations (Payload)

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 2 in