Multi-Engine Rating

Flight Training

For this rating, there is no minimum flight time required. With this rating you will be able to fly aircraft with more than one engine.  You must already posses a Private Pilot Licence or higher, and hold a valid Category I or III medical.

Ground School & Examinations

There is neither a ground school requirement nor written examination for this rating.  However there is a flight test that must be carried out by a Transport Canada Flight Test Examiner.

Get your Multi-Engine Rating!

Dual in PA-44
10 Hours @ $385.00/Hr
5 Hours @ $75/Hr
$   375.00
Flight Test
1.2 Hr in A/C, $400 Examiner, $35 License Fee
$  832.00
  1. All taxes excluded. 
  2. Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice – August 2019 Rates. Aircraft: PA-44.
  3. The amount of flight training necessary fluctuates with each student
  4. Yearly Associate Fee $175 and $25 for initiation fee (plus HST)
  5. Reference CARs 421.38