Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Almost all pilots in Canada earn a traditional private pilot licence. It is what most people think of when we say that someone has their “private.” It has the fewest limitations and, with additional training, can be upgraded to include more advanced capabilities such as flying in bad weather, flying an airplane with two or more engines, or flying professionally.

Flight Training

A minimum of 45 hours must be obtained (Transport Canada standard). Please note that the country standard is that it will take approximately 90 flight hours to meet the required standard. Flight times will vary on various factors such as weather, availability and commitment to program. To keep costs down, consistency of training is paramount. Of these hours, a minimum of 17 hours must be Dual, which must include 3 hours of cross country time and 5 hours of Instrument time.  A minimum of 12 hours must be Solo, which must include 5 hours of cross country time.  During this time you will gain extensive experience in all aspects of aircraft handling, emergency procedures, radio procedures, navigation and basic instrument handling.  In order to obtain this licence you must possess a valid Category III medical obtained from a Transport Canada authorized Medical Examiner.  The minimum age to acquire this licence is 17 years of age.

Ground School Schedule & Examinations

A minimum of 40 hours of ground school must be completed and all topics must be covered.  Every month there is a new session starting, which runs for 16 weeks.  However, if you attend ground school 3 to 4 times per week, you can complete the required hours in as little as 5 weeks.  During this time you will gain valuable knowledge in Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology, and Aeronautics – General Knowledge. Please feel free to refer to our current Private Ground School schedules on our event page. These classes will help prepare you for the mandatory Transport Canada Written Examination, which can now be taken at the Brampton Flight Centre. A minimum of 60% must be obtained in each of the 4 sections.  A flight test must be completed by a Flight Test Examiner.  You must also pass an oral English Proficiency Exam.

Learn to Fly in 4 Easy Steps!

 1) Ground School 45 Hours  $   399.00
 2) Dual (learn to fly) 25 Hours Min.  $ 6350.00
Ground Briefing 10 Hours Briefing  $    750.00
 3) Solo (Fly on your Own!) 20 Hours  $ 3,580.00
 4) Private Flight Test and Fees 1.5 Hours for the aircraft, 4 Hours for TC Examiner, TC Written, Licence Fee  $    968.50
TOTAL  $12,047.50

***Please note rates are based on TC minimums. On average students take 60 to 80 hours to obtain. Contingency membership***

  1. Ground School – In only 48 hours of Ground school you will learn everything you need to know to pass your written exam.  Topics include Navigation, Meteorology, Air Law and General Knowledge.
  2. Dual – Your Flight Instructor will show how easy and fun it is to fly an airplane in as little as 25 hours!  This will prepare you for your Flight Test and teach you to become a safe pilot.
  3. Solo – Your first solo flight is something that you will remember forever!  This stage of flying is normally completed in your first 15 or 20 hours of training, and is the first time you fly without an instructor on board the aircraft.
  4. Private Pilot Licence – Once you have met the requirements for this you will be able to take friends or family members with you when you go flying.  Imagine going to Toronto for lunch or add a night rating to your licence and go on overnight trips!

Private Pilot Licence – Advantages and PPL Privileges

  • Fly solo at 14
  • Fly single engine aircraft
  • Fly anywhere in Canada
  • Carry 3 passengers
  • Obtain additional ratings and licenses

Private Pilot Licence Requirements

  • Student Pilot Permit Age 14 (for solo flight), PPL Application Age 17
  • Valid Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate (through CAME)
  • 48 hours of Ground School
  • Successfully complete (60%) Transport Canada Private Pilot Written Exam
  • 25 Hrs Dual Flight Training Minimum
  • 20 Hrs Solo Flight Training Minimum
  • Successfully complete Private Pilot Flight Test
  • Instrument & Navigation Training


  1. All taxes excluded. 
  2. Add $$523.20 plus tax Standard Kit or $$1306.09 plus tax Deluxe Kit – for ground school supplies. Headset is included in deluxe kit
  3. Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice – March 2022
  4. Prices based off Aircraft: C172R/S)
  5. The amount of flight training necessary fluctuates with each student
  6. $185.00 Yearly Associates Fee and $25.00 initiation fee. Please note that Associates and Ground School fees are non-refundable.
  7. Reference CARs 421.26 
  8. Information on the Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration test can be found on our website. Please see the “Fly for Recreation” tab.