Welcome Back Renters!

Good news! We can finally say WELCOME!!!

The Ontario Government announced last Friday that the province is going to Step 3 of the reopening plan on July 16th. We are pleased to let you know that this means that as of this Friday we will be able to offer normal flight training, checkout and rental operations to anyone interested. In addition, we will also be opening up for discovery / intro flights. At this time we will not be offering sightseeing flights but we hope to offer this again in the near future.

Becoming a Member
If you wish to commence your training either with ground school or flight training, you will need to first become an active associate. In order to register as a member, you can email [email protected] to initiate the process via email. You will need to complete an application form and send the completed form along with your valid passport (or another government approved photo ID) to [email protected]. The initial associate fee is $210 plus tax and is valid for one year.
Ground School Registration for Private Pilot Licence (PPL)If you wish to register for our Private Pilot Ground school, please notify [email protected] at the time of registering as an associate. The PPL Ground School fee is $399 plus tax.

For the moment we plan to continue with virtual PPL ground school. Virtual ground school allows you to attend class “live” with an instructor and other students. You will need to keep your camera on during the class so that we can track attendance but the virtual ground school allows you to do the classes from home while having the ability to ask questions as you go.

If you register for ground school, you will have the option to attend classes at your convenience and you will have the ability to repeat classes (as long as you have an active membership and have proof of paying for the Brampton Flight Centre PPL ground school). You will receive an email invite for each class and you can choose to register so that you can receive the zoom link.

Ground School classes are typically offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 1900-2200 and Saturdays from 1000-1300. For an example of the ground school schedule please visit here. For a list of recommended readings please reference here.

Instructor Pairing
If you are an active member and need assistance getting set-up for PPL Flight Training, please reach out to Rita at [email protected]

First Steps
For further insight about steps on how to get started including how to obtain an aviation medical, please visit First Steps.

We are sorry that COVID restrictions did not allow us to have you back sooner, but with Step Two, we are happy to announce, that we are allowed to have you return back to flying. Welcome back, we have missed your presence!

As a reminder, if you are a renter pilot requiring a checkout, please contact our CFI, Scott Chayko at [email protected], to determine what will be needed to get you flying again since we are tailoring the flights to match your experience level and currency.

Please also make sure that the instructor doing your re-currency flight provides you with a Renters Currency Checkride card and that the Flight Training Admin Office receives a copy for their records.

Social Distancing Best Practices
Please note that because we must still maintain 2 metre spacing within the Clubhouse, we ask that you arrive for your bookings no more than 15 minutes ahead of time.

Operational Hours
Flight School: 0700 – 2330, Mon – Fri and 0700 – 2200, Sat & Sun.
Fuel Sales: 0700 – 2330, Mon – Fri and 0700 – 2200, Sat & Sun.
AMO (Maintenance) & Parts Sales: 0800 – 1630, Monday to Friday.
Restaurant: 0800 – 1500, 7 days a week.
Pilot Shop: Open: 0900 – 1900, Mon – Fri and 0900 – 1700, Sat – Sun. Also offer online sales.

Welcome back and hope you enjoy the sunny skies ahead!

Location & Directions

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The Brampton-Caledon Airport is close to Toronto, allowing easy access to all of Canada’s 400 series highways.