IFR and Glass Cockpit Training


Flight Training

A total of 40 hours of Instrument time must be accumulated. 20 hours of this can be completed in the simulator. Instrument time you have accumulated during your Private, Night and Commercial training can be used. During this time a Dual IFR cross country must be completed. This must be at least 100 NM in length. A total of 50 hours of cross country Pilot in Command time is also required. You must possess a minimum of a Private Pilot Licence and be the holder of a Category I or III medical. Once the rating is completed, you will have the ability to fly in Instrument conditions.

Ground School & Examinations

There are no minimum ground school requirements for this rating; however there are courses available to aid you in preparation for the written examination. One of the most popular is offered by AeroCourse. We offer an In-depth IFR Ground School in conjunction with AeroCourse.  A mandatory written examination must be completed as well as a flight test.

Glass Cockpit Training

The advantages of the glass cockpit include vastly improved situational awareness and precision.

Learning to fly an aircraft equipped with modern electronic flight displays – the “Glass Cockpit” – requires a structured approach to learning.

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