Why You Should Choose BFC to Meet Your Flight Training Needs…

There are many career options….. airline pilot, bush pilot, corporate pilot, flight instructor, pilot examiner, medevac pilot, international flying….. all require completion of a basic instruction program to get started, followed by specialized training to meet the expectations of prospective employers.

Brampton Flight Centre is well positioned to help you realize your career dreams. We have various Commercial Pilot oriented programs to suit your needs and help you to achieve your dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot. For a quick oversight to help you identify with program best suits your needs, please review our Program Comparison Chart.

For more details about why Brampton Flight Centre is highly regarded for the training delivered, please view bullet points listed below chart.

  • Brampton Flight Centre (BFC) is recognized as one of the top flight training schools in Canada as evidenced by the accomplishments of past students, including Webster Trophy winners and many who have gone on to successful airline careers. Thousands of pilots have trained at the Brampton Flying Club since its inception in 1946.
  • Our flight training is second to none. We have a great reputation and are known for our quality training. We have produced several of the Memorial Top Amateur Pilots.
  • Offer various programs at a self-paced or full-time basis dependent on your individual needs.
  • Brampton has an excellent placement record with graduates flying for major airlines in Canada and internationally.
  • Brampton has 27 aircraft available for training, including Cessna 172’s, G1000’s, Tail Dragger, Piper Seminole used for student training.
  • The BFC employs two Level 2 (Transport Canada rating) Flight Training Devices (simulators). Both the Frasca TruFlite and our Full Motion Red Bird are equipped with full visuals for flight simulator training.
  • Not for profit organization therefore all our profits are re-invested into the airport, flight school and BFC community.
  • Home to an aviation community which provides a great opportunity for networking.
  • Our modern lecture hall, the Wynott Lecture Theatre, boasts all of the latest teaching aids.
  • Wireless Internet is available throughout the facility, including the lecture hall and the restaurant.
  • Instructors and aircraft are easily booked using our online reservation system.
  • Brampton Flight Centre is Transport Canada approved for issuing pilot licences and ratings, pilot written exams and flight tests, employing three Transport Canada Pilot Examiners.
  • Brampton Flight Centre is a respected member of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC).
  • Brampton Flight Centre owns its own airport that covers almost 240 acres – the airport is home to over 200 private and business aircraft.
  • There is a restaurant at the airport, The BFC Grille Restaurant, open from 8 am to 3 pm daily. We also have a pilot supply store at Brampton Flight Centre, Humphrey’s Pilot Shop, handling flight training equipment (such as headsets), ground school materials, clothing and gifts.
  • Students are able to gather and relax around the fireplace in the members’ lounge where there is a great view of the runways.